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progrees energy of florida / abusive of power literally!

1 Orlando, FL, United States

I have to say that progress energy in orlando have the lowest type of human slim ive ever seen working for them...just so that you can be warned!...if you move from one place to the next progress energy will bill you not only what you owed in your last place of residence, but also there current and any past due balance that you had before moving...this is where my nightmare began...they sent me a bill for my last resident a whopping balance of $832.etc...they not only wanted that in full but they also added on the charges for the current place that you move into which was a bill of $423 etc...i told progress over the phone if it were possible to break this down into payment increments and they said no they cannot..are you kidding me!...they say no we want it all in full or else...of course if your on a budget and you are in this economy trying to get along with all your other bills stack up..they don't care about can't pay partially, half, in small payments.. "nope"..they want it all, they even told me call a local charity to see if they can help...forget it!...the local charities are a bust..lines always busy..and when you get someone they say they have no funds GO FIGURE!...iheep, the churches etc...well recently my balance for the new place that i rented came in $60..paid...then $122..PERFECT ...but since the balance of my mysterious old bill from my old resident was non-negociable progress energy cut my power out two days before christmas not even the holidays can stop them...i don't have the funds to pay them right now.. my wife and three children are in "shock" right now, our rent is due, food will be damaged... we will have no power for christmas this year... in all honesty this company can do what they please with there can't negotiate nothing with them and they don't care regardless...because of "progress energy" i will have to break my lease take a loss... and move to Kissimmee.. I can't pay a $1350 rent plus $900 in power at this point I just don't have the money..We can make arrangements with any other companies, cable water, etc...I can't stand this company anymore..there abusive and non compasionate acts in this poor economy are outrages!...PROGREES ENERGY NEEDS A REALITY CHECK! YOU NEED COMPASION IN YOUR COMPANY, AND TAKE CARE OF THE CUSTOMER ESPECIALLY DURING HARD TIMES FOR US MIDDLE CLASS WORKING FOLKS..WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE...THANKS FOR THE GIFT !AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AS WELL!


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