Proflight Simulator (Frontier)fraud, say they refund money and never hear back again

Warning Paypal is in bed with this crew, they claim to do an investigation but they don't.

I never downloaded this product, I realized I'd been had just after I bought it. They promised me they would refund my money if I sent the paypal reciept which I did, then I never heard back from them.
I complained to paypal, they just sent me AI generated responses saying wait a while for delivery...!?!?!? what? it's a download, I told them I never downloaded it and was promised a refund. Paypal never even wanted to see the emails from proflightsimulator promising a refund!!!
I currently have dispute ongoing with my bank (visa).
Stay away from these clowns, do some research there are countless stories across the web documenting ripoffs yet paypal still continues to work with them.
scam scam scam scam scam

Nov 22, 2018

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