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some persons contacted over phone num and provide tips for the day to observe . End of day, they call again on observations made and tell that they achieved the >95% target achieved as per their predictions made/provided in morning. They force customer to open account for trading. Then if u say we are not into trading and not interested, then they say portfolio managment services also there, where the profitguru will do trade on your behalf and provide the website details saying it is sebi registered and iso certified company. They will not provide the demat services and same is published in their website. So, registration fees they ask around 5500/-. if u can't they give discount till 3500 exclusive GST and 4200/- inclusive GST. THen they ask us transfer money thru . WHen money transfer complete, it provides one SMS and email providing id num. They ask us that SMS to be forwarded. Then they show progress in trade using plain excel sheet. They create gmail/yahoo account with name 'Research ProfitGuru'
After attracting you showing good progress in trading, (profit in excel sheet which neither has your account details nor the letterhead of profitGuru), they attract you for doing more business by showing a chance of 10 times profit can be acheived in options/futures/commodity trading.
and they ask you to add some more money to the existing profit+your invested amount in your non-existing(non created)account, so that they can proceed with trading. When you question about your account creation, they say server problem, some other reason just to make you follow for investing more till that time. As soon as they find that you can invest more, they ask you to do so forcing for higher and higher level of trading for more&more profits. once they make enough money, without your account created, they may internally trading for themselves. They will delete their gmail/yahoo accounts created and they block their numbers used to call everyday. When conversated with profitGuru, they always provide personal mobile numbers for communication. when sent mail to [protected], they redirect us to write a mail to [protected] The complaint team calls us after a week, asking again for same info, which we already have provided. They will redirect to some other team, so they create all possible delays like this. When questioned about why [protected] is not mentioned in your website and the landline num not provided in website, they say several numbers are there, we can't provide all. when u call the person of complaint department, eventhough same person with same team with same name picks, they say it is some other person of other team talked to you on previous day. Such an escape game they play. So, conclusion is : the whole company, all teams within company are well co-ordinated and co-operating each other making business from blocking customer's money without providing them account created. THe phone numbers provided in website are always ringing but nobody answers anytime.

Nov 21, 2017

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