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This James Taylor is a scam merchant and has been running eBay and travel site cons for years using forums and such like esources and wholesale forums - he also goes by the name james marnley, james marley and occasionally kev Waltham - this has been verified all over the web and from multiple sources on here also.

Do not trust this man or his partner Emanuela di Tillio or their business offers as his track record here is awful and only a fool would part with any money to feed the trolls.

I would encourage everybody wanting to invest or buy any business anywhere to do full due diligence using legal teams rather than just going on google as the level of protection and depth offered will be far greater and you would get the full picture of exactly who you are parting money with.

He stole money from many would be investors in the UK and then spent it and ran away like a coward to Italy.

Consider these facts :

Ebay accounts are not allowed too be resold and remain the property of eBay unless special permission is granted (rarely ever) - once sold, eBay will take back or ban the account within weeks.

Travel websites he sells for over £1000 are to be found for £20 on eBay also and his support and training has never allowed anyone to make an income from running a business of any kind.

His crypto ICO offering again is just another hollow promise and he has jumped on a band wagon that has been running for ages very late in the game and now pretends to have 5 or so years experience of crypto investing behind him - anyone that know anything about crypto and real investing would not be using the telegram messenger app to do it - the guy is a clown.

Think about it.

If he was really very successful and really very clever enough to make money running online businesses for next to no time at all, then why would he increase his own competition and create more online rivalry by selling the formula - it makes no sense at all - further more, he would be actively doing it himself wouldn't he?


The reason he sells them is that its easy to convince someone that it will work (in theory), but in practice its much harder to compete and much harder to run that he makes out.

He sell pipe dreams (at best) to people that are just desperate to find a way to get a better income - but by investing in him and with his business, they ultimately lose their money and are then palmed of with lame excuses and non-compliance whilst struggling to make the most of the dead opportunity they have been sold, so much wasted time and so much heartache at having been ripped off by this scummy man.

Don't believe the hype.

No one deserves to be a victim of this utter charlatan.

Jul 30, 2018

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