Profit Stuio Learning / Unauthorized Charge of $79.90

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I was charged $79.90 by Profit Studio Learning while signing up for what seemed to be a Google product for which a charge of $1.95 was indicated. I found a charge on our card for #79.90 from this company I never heard of. I called them without success at this time and will proceed with criminal charges and civil lawsuit as soon as possible. Google is in my opinion engaged in fraudulent business transaction by helping to disguise the true charges and identity of this company.

If you have been defrauded, please contact me at [protected] to join in any suit and criminal complaint against this company.

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  •   Aug 11, 2009

    Google has absolutely nothing to do with this scam.

    It is a scam by companies trading on the Google name. You can try to prosecute Google, but it will cost you a whole lot of money and get you a whole lot of nothing in return.

    You need to go after the guys who put out Profit Learning Studio, not google.

    The only "profit" program Google has is AdSense, and that is completely free to join and costs nothing in fees at all. Ever.

    Where do you get of thinking that Google is "disguising" the identity of the company? Google, as it happens, is a victim of these people using their name. You might want to get your facts straight before you start your lawsuit, cause with those "facts" you'll lose.

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