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Professional Fitness / Terrible experience

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I Worked As A trainer for Professional Fitness and found them to be nothing but a unprofessional pyramid scheme. I am a certified personal threw a highly accredit organization and they were paying me the rate of 8 dollars per session while they would pocket the other 30 dollars that the client would pay for that session and on top of that just plane out crap pay I also got beat for my commission by just about every manager I had.

Which is under stand able when your lead supervisor is a heroin addict that was caught shooting up in the work place and you had another supervisor that was not fired but relocated to another state because of sexual harassment. So not only do you have to be worried of getting ripped of from this company but sexual harassment is a risk factor to. They try to sell there training packages by making you feel depress about your self with a stupid questionnaire and there answer to the reason why your depressed is over price half hour training sessions.

Now that I no longer work for them due to there [censored] pay and robbing me for my commission they replaced me with uncertified trainers ones that have old Ladies leg pressing 300 pound for a set of a knee buckling eight reps and also having old ladies performing dead lifts. I also felt it very embarrassing the way they would get people to sign these crazy contacts filled with hidden fees and that are near impossible to get out of. All for a training program that chances are form somebody with no education in the training field so not only are you going to get bad results but you are going to also get injured in the process.

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  • Do
      7th of Sep, 2010
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    I had a similar problem at a gym in Pittsfield, MA
    One of their trainers takes steroids an he has a really bad temper, one day he had a "roid rage" because the tanning both would not turn on so he walks out of the tanning room an throws a cooler across the gym almost hitting a group of gym members he walks up to the counter an just started screaming at this poor high school girl (16yrs old)because he could not get the tanning booth to turn on an he was using profanity the poor girl is standing there crying an he makes her give him money out of the register, an she gave it to him she was terrified, he still did not get kick out of the gym or fired. The SECOND time he started an argument with one of the gym members an tried to fight him outside, still no write or termination. The THIRD time he yet again had another "roid rage" with an employee of the gym because she would not keep the gym open later then closing because he was late for his session. He started screaming at her using profanity right in front of his client an yet again no write up or termination. This has been a problem for a while an its need to be attended to before some get hurt by this UNprofessional fitness "trainer" if this is how this company handles things i understand why there are so many complaints, THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!

  • Ch
      7th of Oct, 2011
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    My experience with this company was dreadful. I went to my first few sessions and they were great. I notified my trainer that I had to leave for a month and a half for work, but I would make up my sessions by doing two a week. He said that was fine. Once I got back I attempted to contact my trainer. He never replied. On numerous occasions I tried to contact someone so that I could get back into the training sessions. Its now been almost 3 months, and I cannot reach anyone. I have to move now, so I have to pay $100 fee for canceling my contract based on relocation. They wont refund me the lost training sessions stating its my fault for not calling corporate to complain. If I am contacting the trainer, that should be sufficient. That is how the trainers told me to get ahold of them to set up appointments. They get you to sign up, dont give you your sessions, and then wont refund you when you realize how bad the company is. DO NOT SIGN UP!! You will only regret it.

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