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Professional Fitness / Unauthorized billing

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If you are thinking of getting a personal trainer be careful if you select Professional Fitness Trainers. They will have you sign a contract. Once the contract expires, if you don't cancel the contract their way you'll be automatically renewed.

My contract with Professional Fitness Trainers expired in December of 2008. The manager in the Peak Fitness Downtown Raleigh location informed me that it was about to expire and asked me if I wanted to renew. I emphatically told him that I could not afford to renew. I told him that when things were better for me financially I would revisit the possibility of renewal then. I was never billed in the month of December. Then today I went on my on-line bank account and realized that they had debited my account for a month of personal training. I called the Personal Fitness Trainers office at the Peak Fitness location in Downtown Raleigh. They gave me the number for the corporate office. I called the corporate office on Six Forks Road in Raleigh. They told me that I did not cancel the contract in the “right way". They explained to me that I needed to send them a certified letter telling them I wanted to cancel or else my contract would automatically renew. I told them I wanted to cancel the contract and get my $240 back. They told me that they would not refund my money but that I could have training sessions instead.

I find this to be an unethical, dishonest way of trying to retain customers.

I've contacted the Better Business Bureau, Monica Laliberty with 5 On Your Side of WRAL and Attorney General Roy Coopers office.

The trainer was good, it's just to bad he works for such a dishonest company.

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  • Ch
      16th of Jun, 2010
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    Basically do not sign up with them. They have horrible and rude customer service and I will let everyone at my gym know that they are not worth signing up with

  • Al
      28th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    yes, this is totally unethical and disgusting way to do business! i smelled it from the start and you know you did too. moving forward, i'm going to the bank in the morning, calling the BBB tomorrow and possibly changing my Credit Card. I'll also make some calls to the numbers listed above and of course to professional fitness. How sad. The guy I signed up with said it was easy to cancel. I was in transition when I signed up, have since moved the requisite number of miles to cancel, paid the 100$ cancellation fee that I couldn't find anywhere on the contract I signed just to get away from it all and lo and behold still they're deducting from my account this month! Alyson Parker, Western Massachusetts

  • No
      6th of Oct, 2010
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    Havent been there for 1.5 years now. They have refused to cancel my membership stating "autorenewal" every year. I closed a cerdit card account to stop payment to them, but to no avail as they now harass by daily phone calls for monthly membership fee now totalling $1380.00. No one answers the phone, or mail apparently.

  • Bu
      3rd of Nov, 2010
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    I am currently in the process of trying to cancel my Pro Fitness contract as well.

    As with everyone else, the services I was promised were never delivered to by my the Pro Fitness staff. They said I would get meal planning, nutritional anaysis and regular progress check ups as part of my training but I never received any of these things. When I expressed concerns about the expense, I was told I could easily cancel at any time. While the trainer I had was great, the rest of the staff left little to be desired and when my trainer left the company I decided to cancel my contract.

    I sent a certified letter to Pro Fitnes, per their instructions, telling htem I wished to cancel my contract. I received a letter back saying I owed them $167 in cacellation fees. I called immediatly and left a voice mail saying that I would like to talk about these fees as they were not comminicated to me when I signed the contract. I received a call back and a voice mail and when I returned the call there was no answer. I continued to call them for 3 months and not once did they answer the phone. After the third month I initiated a charge back for the three months they billed me and that got their attention.

    They told me if I paid the $327 I charged back they would cancel my account and waive the cancellation fee's. I agreed and asked for this in writing and when the letter arrived it said I now owed $503. I just got off the phone and they are now saying that tried to bill me again after I got off the phone with them on 10/28 (the date the letter was sent) and they have no record of a promise to waive a cacellation fee.

    I am currently awaiting a call back.

    What a joke of a company. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to proceed from here?

  • Wa
      3rd of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    The same exact thing happened to me. I was misled by the person I signed the contract with about the auto renewal and the corporate office refused to refund any of the money I did not want to spend. I'm so extremely upset with them, I'm about to go the way of others and cancel this card because the next payment date is less than 30 days away from now. What kind of company needs 30 days to stop a credit card payment?

  • Da
      4th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    This is about the worst business and customer service I have ever dealt with. I just returned from Afghanistan and while I was gone my wife was living back home with her family ang got a membership. Upon my return she moved back with me across the country, we have been trying to stop charges from this company since November with no luck. We have sent 3 letters now and countless phone calls all to be told we are lying and they never received anything. Finally this week they acknowledged they received my recent certified mail and that it will be canceled after another payment and a cancellation charge. In order to do so they sent an nondescript letter asking for me to return mail it with a money order for credit card authorization and more signatures to follow-up the cancellation. It is just one scam after another. I can't believe these people can sleep at night. It has cost me $700 so far trying to cancel this not to mention the time, headache, and cost in mailing and phone calls. My advice is stay away and read the fine print on contracts in the future.

  • Ap
      18th of May, 2012
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    BEWARE! Don't sign anything with this company. Especially EFT.. They took more then they were supposed to from my Bank account.. They signed me up for 2 training memberships ( i only wanted 1 ) the manager who signed me up told me that corporate needed him to do a new one because the first one was to messy... Im so stupid and aggreed Thats how I ended up with the 2 contracts... So they took 2 times the amount out of my bank account. The min i saw this on my bankstatement I was on the phone with Professional fitness so I could get my money back. Every person I have talked to have completley given me the run around.. And they are complete idiots.. Just try to get your money back, it won't happen. I was so excited about hiring a professional trainer. But this bull sh.. Is plain unexcepable. I am now going to try to get all my money back. (800.00) This will be a process.. But they are not going to take advantage of this Girl.

  • Ru
      11th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I've never been to this place, but I was swindled by Bally Total Fitness in Charlotte, NC about 14 years ago. Everyone on here that says tell your bank to stop payment DO IT! If you tell your bank to not allow automatic drafting from a company, they will see to it that it will stop. In fact, anyone you know who wants to get out of that place, tell them to go to their bank immediately and do a stop payment before they can even begin to take anything out. Good luck to everyone!!! I was never able to resolve anything with Bally, so it was on my credit for years. Thank goodness it's been well over 7 years, so it's dropped off. I hope everyone finds a way to stick it to this gym. Too many gums these days are conning people like this.

  • Pr
      29th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    Complete ripoff. They tell you it is a six month contract and that is all you will be charged. BUT the small print says it converts to a month-to-month at the contract end. Then you must notify them via certified mail and no other way with a 30-day notice. Funny a court of law accepts a fascimile signature but not a gym. I stopped working out 2 months early due to an injury and would have sent the notice to cancel then so I would only be paying for the six month contract I agreed to. BEWARE! The just give you the run around and some are even rude. It's time for a Class-Action Lawsuit to stop their unethical billing practices

  • Ms
      11th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    My wife and I signed up and had the service for a year. Time came to move, we cancelled our membership a month early, and everything was fine. Our fitness trainer warned us to cancel our card. Trusting our trainer, we did so. Just as our trainer warned, the company denied ever receiving our written letter, phone calls, and told us that the only way to prove that we cancelled was to send the original stub to the certified letter. This would leave us without any evidence. In the idea of reporting them to the BBB, we found that their rating could not be any worse. We will have to wait until they attempt to put this on our credit before getting it negated there. In all, even their employees know that this company is not legit. The trainers are top notch, but do not sign up if you wish to ever cancel.

  • It
      20th of Nov, 2012
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    Professional Fitness - Ripping off the little (wo)-man
    Professional Fitness
    United States

    I beg you please do not join this company! My friend and I joined a gym wanting to get in shape and to go that extra mile we signed up for personal training. Here's the deal, 3 nights a week and 4 nights on the fourth week for $325. We wanted 4 nights every week and were told this is how the contract had to be written but that the manager would train us for the fourth night, stupidly we believed him. My friend asked if there was a cancelation fee, we were told no there is not you just have to send a letter to head quarters. We were then given this big speech on how we are just starting and should not be even thinking about quitting. We trained for two months, never getting those promised nights even after reminding the manager of them. Also we had MANY people from the gym tell us that they were training us wrong. (These same people were showing results in that time frame and we were not might I add.) So we told the manager we wanted to quit. He turned around and offered the same contract for $150. We declined and called head quarters. *quick note when you sign up you pay for the first month and a deposit month, so when your contract does end you get an extra month is how they pitch it*. Head quarters told us they would be keeping the deposit month, are charging my friends card for the next month and also a $500 cancelation fee. We said wait there is no fee this is what YOUR manager told us and that we don't want another month. They said to bad there is a fee and you are going to be charged! Just to add salt to the wound, on my last weigh in. My trainer faked my measurements! My right thigh was 24 inches, on the paper from last month it was 23, he then wrapped it around my leg pulling it tight but only making it 23.5, he then wrote 23 down and said see look it stayed the same!! Now just to be clear we never wanted any money back from this company we just wanted to be done, we still go to the same gym and wanted to stay on good terms with the trainers. I even would have happly suggested people to give them a try, however now I am telling everyone to run the other way!!

  • Da
      14th of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    I used to go pro fitness in England Lowestoft, Suffolk 235 Whapload Road because of very childish five members and two rude dist gusting gym instructors who are protecting the five childish bullies and are no better than a five year old child, you see they want me to bite but I will not because I will not sink to there level denying what ever happened because they know it is true and trying to pass the blame, it will not work because it will certainly come back around and kick them back twice as hard.How ever the next time it happens to a gym member they might not be so lucky next time to me there reputation is ruined because it only takes one person so be warned if you go to this pro fitness gym in Lowestoft 235 Whapload Road watch your back for arrogant members you have been warned or better still keep away!

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