product exchange center (spikemaster) 9 / no return phone calls

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Phone: 989-693-6020

we had bought a computor system and to protect it we purchased a power surge strip. we had a storm.and our computer did not work. we called our insurance co. and they said to take it in a get estimate for repairs. which we did.we found that the mother board and another piece was bad . the repair shop said they called manufacture of computer and wanted to get the parts to fix. the manufacture said they could not send out parts that we needed to send in computer. this was going to cost $500 not including shipping. we called our ins co. back they advised us that we had a $500 deductible. so instead of making a claim . we just went out and bought a new compuer.the salesman showed us at abc warehouse that we had purchased a surge protector and that the one we bought had a warrenty.that if any appliance that is hooked to it will be covered incase of a power surge. we called the number on the warrenty and it states that you must notify them within 15 days of the occurance. we called 6 days after. all we get is a recording and they will call back.this has been close to a month can a company do this when we buy their products and they do not stand behind them.i am on a fixed income i can not afford to replace my appliances when they go bad that is what i bought the protection for. i could have bought a cheap one. the outcome would have been the course of action is atty . general, and my attorney. thank you very much...

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