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people with ebt cards, use it for food. but they also buy smoke and beer, with their own money. when they do have money to buy 30 pack BUDWISER then I'm sure they have enough to have spend on food that they use with ebt. its my money and government have given these ###s for free. i see people everyday at my work. they have enough to buy brand new mustang, or Lincoln navigator, corvette, BMW. but how come they get ebt cards. looks to me like people who issue EBT card been bribed. i work 7 day and 16 hrs a day. but government wont give me any benefits. I'm loyal citizen of the U.S. but all these benefits are given to people who, don't work, live on my tax paid money. but still own brand new cars. is the government sleeping.

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  • Em
      13th of Mar, 2010
    Product - Employee/Product
    Cash Call
    Las Vegas
    United States

    I was an employee for less then 2 weeks, the acceptance letter was to take calls and origaiante loans consumer and mortgage. I was told I would have training on their products. They also offered 40 hrs a week with OPTION of 15 more max. Well, after two days I knew it would not last. I was harassed and hounded to work 55 hrs. a week and them knowing I work another job. I made the 1st week to 48 hrs. and that was not good enough. I would work another job 17 1/2 hrs. and would leave and go right to Cash Call up to 10 or 11pm. My training was to sit behind a person and watch them and a screen for over 8 hrs. The employement building is like a big ware house cold and empty. Total employees 6 including me. The others were there about 3 weeks. I had three deals going sign one and the other two wanted to think about it and I agree. I guess who ever was listening to my calls did not like that. My manager called one of my clients at work after my notes in the system stated not to. When I did speak with the client he was yelling at his wife thinking she call us to get him to sign. My manager was upset with me stating she had to do my work, if she read my notes as I know she did she had to do no work for me. Her manager wanted me there at 6am! Any way I was let go stating I was not a bully enough to get the job done. At 139% APR! Please do what ever you can not to use this company. If I knew how they work I would have never taken the job. I was also told my numbers were bad...the others there 3 weeks only close 5 deals and one was mine. Also note this company is under a new name for I was told the owner was also owner of Ditech. After working a total of 62 hrs. and wasting my time I did not even get paid for the deal I did close. Oh well lesson learn! FYI...Most of the employess have no clue how to process a loan!

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  • 00
      5th of Jun, 2011
    Product - Overpriced
    Edgar Gongorra
    United States

    My friends don't use this website but they say Edgar's Product is way overpriced and he is always late. Basically, ### 'em.

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  • Ay
      14th of Aug, 2018
    Product - Ali express

    I haven't received my order uptil now. Please check. And its status is closed now.

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  • Kh
      14th of Aug, 2018
    Product - Product
    Abu Dhabi
    United Arab Emirates

    I order 2 time 11 items from awoke and I recieve today Aug 06, 2018 when I check the product 2 of my items which is womens dresses it's too small.i want to return it .

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  • Kh
      20th of Aug, 2018
    Product - Led Watch

    I have bought led watch git it 2 days back. It's not working from the day one .I need to replace it. Kindly help me out to replace it money has already been paid.

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