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I too experienced the same situation. I bought through PayPal ProChatRooms software along with the Remove Branding for $80. I requested the free installation and they never installed it. I then Hired a programmer to install it for me and they said there was something wrong with the program; it would not install because it was missing critical files. When contacting ProChatRooms I received no response. It is most certainly a scam.

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  • Je
      24th of Feb, 2014
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    Hello Baklude,

    Firstly, sorry for the late reply we have only recently been made aware of this website. Should you have any issues with our software we are more than happy to provide support. We can be contacted by email, community forum and live chat (if requested).

    Please let me know if i can be of any assistance.

    Best Regards,
    Jeff (Support Team)

  • Av
      7th of Jun, 2014
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    I agree

    i apid $134 dollars for the video chatroom for wordpress. they ignored all my emails then i open a paypal case. Then they lied in paypal case and said i was claiming against the support not not the software. They had the details to install it and didnt, This went on for days.

    I bought a new software elsewhere, then they escalated the clain so i couldnt reply after they had lied in the claim.

    Ive been scammed out of $134 by prochatrooms ive asked for a refund 50 times, i havent used their software as you have to get them to licence it. So theyve stolen my money and i have no chatroom.

    Im taking them ti court and swindon trading standards i suggest you all do the same. and please do not get involved with these "people"

    They know they messed me about the ignored me for days then they never installed it so i went elsewhere then they use dirty tricks in the paypal case. THEY KNOW I CANT USE THE SOFTWARE as they didnt install it or licence it so i went elsewhere to get a chatroom as these clowns were ignoring me after i had paid... but they refuse to refund

  • Kc
      8th of Jan, 2017
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    @AVOID PROCHATROOMS Dear brother/sister, what version of prochatrooms do you have?, i can help you to install your prochatrooms. send your message to my email at - thank you!.

  • As
      11th of Aug, 2016
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    I see a LOT of people complaining about Prochatrooms... mostly because they can't get it to work. But I personally have been using it for about 3 years now and have not had any problems. I'm not a programmer, but I am pretty good at figuring these technical problems out and got mine to work well.
    For instance - with the guy that said his download was missing files... that sounds like he downloaded the "Upgrade" version - not the "Full" version. I know because I did it too lol. A lot of these people having problems may be in over their heads by trying to install & configure chat rooms. I'm no GURU and can't write a line of code... I had to spend WEEKS/MONTHS tweeking my installation and getting the colors how I wanted them to make it look nice & professional, but granted - it wasn't easy. I had to get a lot of help from the "Community Forum"... I never sent emails, and in fact they do say right on their website that users have to get help from the forum. There's a GURU in there that's pretty kick a$$ and seems to be able to solve almost anything.
    I WILL SAY however, that he did seem to stop answering me after awhile, and now the whole site seems to be gone - although their domain name is not available. So I'm confused about that... and can't get to the site now. WTF?? I like the program, but it does seem to be a shaky & unreliable company. It seems that if you can get it working yourself - you'll love it. If not... you're screwed!

  • Ka
      2nd of Jan, 2017
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    @Ascension X Hi Ascension X

    How can I provide the script and what is your version?

  • Kc
      8th of Jan, 2017
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    check this out...

  • Vv
      26th of Jul, 2017
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    once you understand how they make this programme. its not really hard to set up. i have the latest one put out before it closed down for reasons no one really knows. i didnt have time to get the addons iike i wanted, like i said site closed with notice or warning. i cant seem to find any addons for it. but if anyone needs help with the prochatroom set up ill be happy to assist you to set it up.

  • Vv
      26th of Jul, 2017
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    @VVolf man contact me at or at

  • Ja
      13th of Oct, 2017
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    hey ive seen they came back, changed domains and all and now trying to sell another updated version, i have tried to contact them and got nothing, , i had the 8.4.2 version paid top dollar and im trying to install it now and dont have my database or install folder!! could someone throw a database or the install folder in my email please! just need the install folder! THANKS!!!

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