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ProActiv Solutions / Deceptive sales tactics!

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I was a satisfied customer of ProActiv acne cleansing system for years, beginning in the mid-90s (before they used celebrity endorsements). My mother got the account for me & I used the product for many years; we terminated the account only due to accumulating a stockpile of the product. Cut to this summer, when I opened an account with ProActiv for myself. There was an "Introductory Offer" of the VitaPower vitamins for $3.99, and I accepted it. There was no information about how much the product was after the "introductory offer." When I received the product, it came with absolutely no paperwork - no receipt, no product information, no contact information, no way to accept or decline an actual subscription to the product. Due to this lack of information, it was unclear that VitaPower was a separate entity from ProActiv. The fact that there was no product information, receipt or any other paperwork gave me pause, and I did not want to continue with the product (I didn't try it; I just didn't see fit to add more vitamins to my regimen). I should have taken steps to contact the company, but there wasn't any contact info provided with the product, and I promptly forgot about it... until a month later when $33.99 was taken out of my account by the VitaPower company. I did then contact ProActiv for VitaPower's customer service number and promptly called to cancel my unwanted and unsolicited subscription, only to get a very sarcastic attitude from the agent when I declined to listen to his lecture about canceling without trying the product, and trying to keep me from canceling the account. I called back again to clarify about the lack of information about the product & subscription status with the shipment of the product & how it was a suspicious & deceptive tactic, to no avail. I then expressed my displeasure re: the experience with VitaPower and the (lack of)information given when signing up for the "introductory offer" with ProActiv, whereupon I learned that VitaPower is part of the Guthy-Renker "Family" (umbrella company) and, in short, did not care about my negative experience. I have subsequently canceled my account with ProActiv. It's shocking to me that they would be so unconcerned with complaints regarding these dodgy & cheap sales tactics, given that they actually have competition these days. I am now boycotting all Guthy-Renker products due to my dismay about their deceptive sales tactics & unsatisfactory customer service.

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  • Sh
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    I am also being harassed by Guthy Renker. I ordered (asked not to be on an automatic recieving list) got the product and paid in December 07.

    Next month, they charged my visa for $51. I called, they would not credit me as they said the product was in the mail. (the product I did not order) I called my credit card co. and they credited it. I sent the product back when it did come, got credited by GR and then had my credit card debited to even everything out.

    Since March 2008, Gunthy Renker has been sending me bill after bill. I cancelled my credit card so they could not charge it anymore. I call, they say they will take care of it and they never do. They are threatening me with a collection agency now. They asked me for written proof of my visa debit, I tried sending it by fax (the way they said I had to), the number doesn't go through. Nobody knows who the "Credit Manager" really is, you can't speak with anyone by the name on their letter. Scam Scam Scam.

    Consumer & Corporate affairs should be taking care of companies which operate like this, and the celebs who endorse these types of products without doing background checks on who they are endorsing are selling their souls. Not worth the money.

  • Kr
      10th of Dec, 2010
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    ALL these companies advertising on cable (Comedy Central, CNN) use these sleazy tactics now. Another tactic is to double your order for the same price without mentioning the huge add-on costs for shipping & handling.

  • Ja
      1st of Jun, 2011
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    I too ordered a 90 day supply for my son and specifically told the rep NOT to send me anything for the next 90 days because I was shipping the 3 sets overseas. The rep agreed to do this arrangement as it was just logical. Exactly 2 weeks later I was surprised that ProActiv deducted $73.29 from my account!

    So I called up their 800 number and the first rep that answered the call assumed that I only ordered 30-days even without reading the account notes (what a bimbo!) and started arguing with me that I only got a 30-day supply! I asked to speak to her supervisor and she had me on hold for several minutes which gave me a chance to Google "ProActiv complaints" I was shocked to see this many of them!

    I finally got "Mary" who insisted on their charge and not get the recording of my original rep. She was talking about an invoice in the original shipment which she said was in the "USPS label". I mean an "invoice" in the mailing label? I know magazines do that in their labels but PRODUCTS like this? Bottom line is that I will reject the shipment and return it and only then will they refund my money.

    I don't think these unscrupulous practices will not earn my respect nor my business in the future.

  • Te
      8th of Aug, 2011
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    Same here! Had no idea when I ordered that I was joining the Proactiv "cult" which I now call them and was being placed on a list for monthly shipments and charges to my account. Not only are they sending me cards telling me they "miss you!" but they also call my home on a regular basis. Their saturation advertising speaks as though their products are a new concept when anyone who's ever gone to a dermatologist knows that these sorts of products and their ingredients have been used to clear up acne for dozens of years.

  • Ah
      19th of Mar, 2012
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    ProActiv Solutions - Show some respect to your customers
    Proactiv Solutions
    United States

    I’ve been using ProActive for 8 years and never had a problem with shipping and billing until I moved out of state and had to 1) change my address and 2) change my credit card. You’d think this was the most complex procedure known to man with the way they colossally, repeatedly screw it up.

    With the last year, I’ve called them OVER and OVER with the same exact problem -- my kit never arrives on time. I spend about 15 minutes with them on the phone while they click around and hem and haw and try to figure out what went wrong. Finally, I ask them to check the credit card on file. I’m thinking, surely that can’t be the reason. I mean, seriously? I updated them with my new credit card right after I moved, and TWICE online and by phone FIVE times since then. Yet, sure enough the CSR reads the number back to me and it’s either 1) the old credit card 2) there’s NO card on file or 3) a hybrid of the old and new card. <

    Each time this happens, they send out a priority package (5-7 business days – is that really “priority”?? Hello, use FedEx, you cheap f_cks.) that miraculously arrives ON TIME and is billed to my correct credit card. If history is any measure, I’ll be back on the phone with them again in 6 weeks trying to find out why my regular kit hasn’t been delivered. I swear, if they have the wrong credit card on file again I’m going to totally lose my [censored].

    If you use this product regularly, you know what a disaster it can be to your skin if there is an interruption of use. It can take MONTHS to get your skin back in good condition. Under any other circumstances, I would cancel my account, never use this product again, and bad mouth them to every single person I know.

    Believe me, the second I find a comparable product – I’m gone.

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