Pro Laser / Unethical Business

1 Located inside Katy Mills, Katy, Texas, 77494, Katy, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (281) 392-0295

I advise to stay clear of this business. Pro Laser does not allow enough time for treatments and clients are not getting what they pay for. It is only about making money. Only been open for 6 months and have gone through many employees. They do not take out taxes (They say they are paying you cash) or offer benefits. Pro Laser Wire transfers money to your bank and charges $15 just to pay employees. You are given no legal paperwork as an employee to fill out. Pro Laser does not train properly, only trains in 15 minutes and hands keys to new hires. They are operating a broken laser on clients. The laser tip is broken with sharp edges. This is unsafe to use. Can burn and cause eletric shock. The owner, manager and Doctor are in Mexico and speak no English. Sometimes you call and one of the receptionists also can speak no English. Business is not up to code.

Pro Laser

Jun 22, 2015

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