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Pro Import / Nightmare

1 595 Avenue K SEWinter Haven, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 863-2957761

I recently awoke from a nightmare involving Tony Waters at Pro Import. I had a problem with my vehicle, so I dropped it off at Pro Import in Winter Haven. Tony called me back, and said that he had diagnosed the problem as the clutch master and slave cylinder (which were leaking), and the repair would be $360. I picked the car up two days later, and the car still had THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I brought the car back the same day, and Tony tells me that the parts he installed on my car must be defective. He stated that he would order new parts and install them on the car. So, a full week after dropping my car off the first time, Tony calls me yet again to let me know that the car is ready. After picking up my car, I realize that the car is still having THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM AGAIN. I took the car back to Pro Import, at which time Tony tells me that its a strange problem that he's never seen before, and it must be the clutch causing the problem. Tony tells me that he'll tear the car down, and find out the cause of the problem. A day later, Tony calls me back and informs me that the clutch is broken, and he can replace it (along with a broken motor mount) for $775. This sounded a little high, but I went ahead and had him replace it. Finally, after having my car for TEN DAYS, I go and pick it up, and everything appears to be running smoothly. I asked Tony if he planned to cut me a break on the parts and/or labor for the clutch master and slave cylinders that he replaced IN ERROR, but he tells me that he won't, because I was 'going to need it sooner or later'.

I'm going to need a house 'sooner or later' too, but I don't have the money to buy one today.

Avoid Pro Import in Winter Haven. He gives honest mechanics and shops everywhere a bad name. If you cannot accurately diagnose a mechanical issue with a Honda, then you have no business in the auto repair industry.

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      8th of Jan, 2009
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    I am the owner of Pro Import Repair and have been in business for over 20 years and far exceed my customers expectations on a daily basis. The gentleman that posted this forgot to mention a few things in his post. First and most importantly he didnt mention that he diagnosed his own problem and when he first called me he wanted a price to replace the clutch master and slave cylinders because as he told me they had been leaking for a while and he was constantly adding fluid and the clutch would then come back. We replaced the cylinders that he requested because his diagnosis did fit his problem and he was losing fluid regularily. When that did not fix the problem we went a little deeper and when it still looked like this was the problem we replace them again at no charge to him. We finally decided that there was something wrong with the mechanical clutch and the transmission would have to come out. He was called and given a price and agreed to the repair. When we removed the trans we discovered that the pressure plate had broken and a piece of metal was moving around and getting stuck in the clutch and causing his problem. The clutch was then replaced and the problem was gone. He then asked for a refund on the first repair that he had himself diagnosed after we had done it again for free and I explained that would not be possible and reminded him that the original cylinders were leaking fluid and were in fact bad. I am sorry for his frustration but I cant refund money because someone is mad that they had to spend more than they had anticipated. I did not wear out or break the parts in question and only replaced them with a good unit. I have a stellar repuation in my community and hope to always continue to serve the commumity with the best service possible. But I guess as a wise man once said "you can please everyone". Thank you for listening.

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      4th of Feb, 2009
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      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    I am the owner of Pro Import Repair and to say that his story is a complete fabrication devoid of facts would be an understatement. The owner of the vehicle called me and asked for an estimate to replace the clutch master & slave cylinders on his car because as he stated " I have to keep adding fluid every week when I lose the clutch petal". We gave him an estimate that he agreed on and replaced the cylinders and we discovered that they were both leaking. When the car was reassembled the clutch worked perfectly so the customer picked up the car and returned with it the next day with the same problems. Thinking that the problem could be with a defective part I replaced them again at no cost to him. When we finished we had the same problem and ruled out the hyhdraulics and proceeded to investigate to find the real problem (remember that he diagnosed his original problem his self) After inspection it was determined that the problem was in the clutch itself. He was given a price for removing the transmission and replacing the clutch (which was broken and laying inside the transmission) He agreed to the price and the repair was performed. Bearing in mind that the car was driveable and he could have removed it at any time but he agreed to let us go ahead with the repair. When he came in to pay for the repair he wanted to know if we would give him a refund for the orignial repair labor (that he diagnosed) and when I told him that I could not he paid the bill and left with no problem. I even let him finance the cost in several payments and he returned to pay for the repair with never a word of aggrevation. Since then he has made it his personal job to slander my business of 20+ years. I can honestly say that in those years I have had almost no complaints of any kind and it is because I run an honest business and try to treat everyone fairly but I do no consider it to be fair to expect me to refund money for a repair that I didnt even diagnose myself especially when those parts were bad in the first place or they would not have been leaking and he would not have been having to add fluid all of the time. I wish him well but he is not the kind of customer that I want or normanlly deal with.

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      23rd of Nov, 2011
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    I have no knowledge of this guy's particular complaint, however, I take both of my cars to Tony and I have had nothing but courtesy, honesty, correct diagnosis and fair prices. In Winter Haven, Pro Imports is the only place that I feel comfortable getting my cars worked on. Tony is the real deal.

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      23rd of Nov, 2011
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    I have known Tony for a while now and I take my cars there as well. I have not only a clk 550 but a diesel ml 320 Mercedes. So here is a guy that can not only work on a high performance gas engine but a technologically advanced diesel engine. I would say that is pretty darn talented. I can also say that Tony is as fair as anyone could ever expect. He is friendly, honest, reliable, fair name it and I trust his work completely. I would highly recommend him to friends and family and around these parts, he is THE place you want to take your car.

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