Pro-Care Spine Center / Did not return merchandise as I was told they would when I purchased it.

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I went to this facility for Chiropractic treatment. They offer therapudic pillows. They are suppose to help with neck and back alignment. I bought one for my husband and myself at a cost of around $275. The employee who sold them to me said that I could bring them back next time I came in if they didn't work . When I tried to return them, I was told I would have to speak to the manager who was not there. I was told to leave the pillows, shouldn't be a problem. Then I get a message left on my cess phone saying they would not take them back, because it was past their policy time of return. I called back to speak to the manager, who will not return my calls, nor have they answered the certified letter that I sent them. They now have my money and the pillows I was told to leave there. The next step is small claims court, I guess.

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      14th of Feb, 2009

    Unfortunately, I know exactly what has happened in this case. The patient purchased the pillows and tried them out. We tell every patient that is interested in these high-end pillows that they can try them out for up to a week and return them, if they are unsatisfied, as long as there are no obvious signs of use (smell, stains, wear, etc). The pillows come along with a special pillow case that ensures the pillows come back in good condition.

    The pillows were returned approximately one month later and had obvious signs of use. In fact, we kept one of the pillows around as a demonstration prop. As we were showing the demo pillow to a patient, they stated "Don't sell me that pillow. It has obviously been used."

    We are all about customer service but this patient kept the pillows much longer than our trial period and the pillows showed obvious use. This is not a case where money will be refunded.

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  • Ta
      29th of Jun, 2009

    I'm not related to this in anyway, but as an outsider reading the posts, I would probably have to say that both are correct - the patient should have returned them within a couple of days because you cannot use them more than a couple of days and expect either the doctors to take a loss or someone else to actually buy a used pillow. A trial is probably returning it the same week! My question for the center is - What pillows cost $275??? Is that for two pillows or just one? Expensive, but most chiropractic pillows are not cheap which is why they are sooo good for you!

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  • Da
      12th of Oct, 2009

    Well I also know this case, and the patient did return the pillow in a timely fashion. Pro-Care is not a place of customer service. I know this because I was a PT tech there recently. Also for all new patients in Austin or San Antonio if Dr. Boecking says he is McKenzie certified for the physical therapy he does, ask for certification. You wont get it because he is not certified, he says he is but he is not. Hope you get your money back for the pillows because you were treated bad.

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