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1 Bangalore, India

Hi All,

I would like to share my experiences about Nova Interiors, Priyadarshan. i and few of my friends had awarded him the contract to do interior wood work at my flat. The owner of this firm Nova Interior, is Mr Priyadarshan. We gave him the contract in Feb 2014 year and the first installment was also disbursed. The guy initially sounded very genuine and his rates were competetive ( not cheap ). He was supposed to complete the work in the next one month. what followed after that was an experience we would never forget. I am sure, not many would be interested in the specifics so i will summarize based on our experiences -

1. he barely sent enough people to complete the work and this eventually led to delays. The work was completed only in the month of May, a good 3 months as against the promised 1 month.

2. the quality of work is mediocre and at places its unacceptable. This is accepted even by him but the sufferer are finally his customers.

3. He would never give enough attention to details. Small inputs which we gave were conveniently forgotten when the wood work was completed.

4. He is highly dis-organized and doesnt have any process to handle individual customers. Because of this, he ended up doing something in my flat whilst that was supposed to be done somewhere else in someone's else flat.

5. He will continously ask for money even before the work is done. Make sure that at least 5% of the total contract amount is withheld untill the last screw is done as per your satisfaction. Better always pay through cheques.

6. He will ask for self cheques or cash citing the urgency or some other excuses. If you oblige, he will make you run around for the cash receipts or for that matter, any receipt. You wouldnt want to oblige someone and run around him because of no fault of yours. Always ask for receipts first in case you are feeling lucky.

7. He is in the habit of changing his shop without informing anyone. The first time i physically visited him to his old shop address to followup, i came to know that his office shifted. with great difficulty i searched and located him. The next time, i went to that place, he was gone and i came to know he has no office at all. He was not even picking up his call. If you are a liability to him, he will smartly act like a fly-by-night operator. You may not want to go to his house and do a dharna.

8. Always get this in writing that you are not responsible for any of his belongings at site after the work is over. He is supposed to clear the site immediately after the work is done. In my case, he left couple of plywoods for two months after he left the site. i had called him and reminded him numerous times to remove his things. he did not do that and later on charged me that his things were missing from my site. As per his argument, his materials were supposed to be intact and safe at my site for months together. cmon !!

9. He will never provide you the final Bill even after you run around. So, better you ensure that, much before.

10. Last but not the least, please avoid at all cost if you want peace of mind.

Now, i have lost all hopes of getting things completed and i am planning to spend from my pocket to complete them.

Please forward this to all your friends in bangalore. This will save them from making a terrible mistake.

Jan 13, 2015

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