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Private Workout / Thieves!

Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:
I moved 3 hours away from Private Workout. My letters to them went unanswered and they continued to charge me for 2 years. I finally had had enough and told them if they charge me one more time, I will get an attorney. They proceeded to charge me $325.00 in unauthorized charges, debited from my bank account. They are the ### of the earth!!


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  17th of Feb, 2009
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I am petitioning those who are interested to join me in filing a class action lawsuit against Private Workout. I have already written to the state's Attorney General's office about their deceptive business practices and fraudulent use of the Cooper Institute. In addition, I have contacted the Cooper Institute about this matter. If you are interested, please send an email to mitzo1310@yahoo.com.

Your information will be kept strictly confidential.
  6th of Jun, 2009
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Private Workout has a 99.4% customer satisfaction rating.

This is a totally false accusation that no attorney would ever want to try and prove. There is no fraudulent use of the Cooper Institute, we claim that Cooper Institue Certified personal trainers developed our program, that is a verifiable fact. We have no deceptive business practices and as you can see, there are none mentioned inthe complaint. Mitzo has not filed any lawsuits so it is obvious this claim is unsupportable and unscrupulous.

Private Workout
  6th of Jun, 2009
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Private Workout is a gym designed and owned by personal trainers rather than membership salesmen. Like all health clubs, we offer memberships that grant customers “Access” to the facility. Health clubs have the duty to be open for the posted days each week, and have the majority of its equipment in good working order. We have done that without fail since opening in 2003. Customers that purchase an “Access” membership have the duty to pay the agreed membership fees and dues, so long as the health club is doing its part, being “open for business, ” until they cancel their plan by email. Since its inception through 2008, Private Workout, Inc. has sold 6, 785 “Access” memberships. We have never had a complaint regarding our being “open for business, ” nor about our equipment not working properly. In fact, our customer satisfaction rating is 99.42%. Private Workout, Inc. offers four types of “Access” memberships. The “Executive Plan” is $499 down and $11 per month. The “Month-to-Month Plan” is $66 down and $66 per month. The “Reward” Plan is $199 down and $33 per month, and the “Punishment Plan” is $199 down and $33 per month, where we offer to “Loan” the $199 initiation fee until the member cancels. Studies show that 97% of gym members stop working out within 13 weeks of enrolling, even though they keep paying, and less than 1% workout for a full year, yet they are committed to 1-4 year agreements. We don’t require term agreements like that because we feel a 1 to 4 year commitment has nothing to do with fitness, so all of our memberships can be cancelled with a 30 to 90 day notice, depending on the plan chosen. Unlike any other health club in the world, we even offer to waive the $199 initiation fee if a member achieves the fitness goal they choose, stated in terms of body fat, or even if they don’t achieve it, we will still waive the fee if the member simply completes 100 to 300 workouts as instructed, depending on the plan they choose. As personal trainers, our goal is to incentivize our customers to work out until they reach the goal they choose, which is why they came here in the first place. Our members often choose this plan in order to set up a "PUNISHMENT" for themselves so they won't quit before reaching their goals. Those who do not reach the goals have agreed to repay the membership fee when they cancel with at least a 30 day advance notice. It a great incentive to reach your goal, is it not?
We are obligated to be open the hours posted, and we have. We have had NO COMPLAINTS from members who paid their membership fee when they enrolled, all complaints have come from those who still owe the fee, or somehow feel that they should have it waived, even though they did not earn it by reaching their goal or by simply completing the required number of workouts. Please visit our website at www.privateworkout.com to hear more. . .

In this case, Ms. Johnson could have canceled at any time by simply going to our web site and submitting the form, and paying the enrollment fee we had loaned her that she set up as her "punishment" if she did not finish the 100 workouts (which could have been done in just 4 months). Instead, even though her agreement instructed her to send the email, and our store personnel did as well, she claims to she "mailed" a cancellation to us, and we did not reply for 2 years. Why didnt she call then? Finally she did call and then went to the web site and sent us an email authorizing the charging of the enrollment fee, so this review is totally bogus since she authorized all of the charges in writing!

Private Workout
  18th of Nov, 2009
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Gene White is the head trainer at PWO and the person who posted the response to my solicitation for a class action lawsuit against them.

The first red flag that PWO is a scam outfit is their unsupported customer satisfaction claim of 99.42%. I suppose Mr. White thinks the .42% makes the other 99% seem more believable. But it's an old sales trick that provides more evidence that his company is fishing for the desperate and the gullible. While Mr. White offers no independent source to support his claim, there is concrete evidence that PWO has many dissatisfied customers. The Better Business Bureau gave them a rating of "F", based on the number of complaints filed over the past 36 months. You would think a company like PWO - that supposedly believes in the quality of its service - would be jumping at the chance to join the BBB. But they are not BBB members. Don't just take my word for it. Go to the Dallas BBB site and look it up yourself. Let this fact guide be your guide, and not Mr. White's sales pitch to trust him.

The Cooper Institute is a non-profit entity dedicated to promoting the overall health and well being of this nation. I'm confident neither Dr. Cooper, nor his staff, would ever recommend PWO's circuit training program. Again, Mr. White uses faulty logic to defend his company's use of their name in their advertisements. I'm sure the Cooper institute has bigger fish to fry than dealing with the likes of PWO, but I'm also confident that one warning letter from their attorneys would stop them from using their name. Ask yourself this question. Do you think PWO is paying the Cooper Institute for using their name in their ads? Write to the Cooper Institute and tell them that PWO is violating the spirit and intent of their organization, and ask them to pressure PWO to stop using their name. Believe me, this will work, too. In addition, I urge everyone to contact the Texas AG and complain about PWO.
  2nd of Oct, 2012
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Hey Private Workout
Why do you make it so hard to cancel your memberships? Shouldn't a person be able to simply go to the website or call and cancel then that's it?
Even though I canceled on your website and sent an email saying I wanted to cancel I got a response saying that my membership had not been canceled yet. I had to call the next day and get a special code or some junk. You make it difficult to cancel because you want a reason to keep charging innocent people.
That means you are a scam artist.
  15th of Jan, 2013
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Since being founded in Plano Texas in 2003, Private Workout enjoys a 99.42% customer satisfaction ranking. We have no long term membership, all of our memberships can be cancelled with a 30 day advance notice by simply filling out a form on our web site and submitting it by the 25th of the month before the month you wish to cancel. Once the notice is received, our auto reply tells customers we have received their notice and it will be processed before the end of the current month. Once processed, we notify the customer by email that their account is closed. 100% of cancellations are processed before the following month's payment so this allegation is unfounded.

Private Workout, Inc.

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