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Private party / Will fraud

1 Arroyo Grande, CA, United States

The last time I saw my brother Jimmy was in September 2012. They were to amputate his foot so I went to visit for moral support. They didn’t amputate but he was in a Hospice home for months. In October Heather initiated a Will for Jimmy. My brother Richard was not informed of this action although he was readily available. The witness was a gentleman friend of Heathers. Why not one of the Hospice ladies? Was the on duty Hospice lady available? Is it mentioned in her log? Heather stated I was left out of the Will because Jimmy knew he was going to live longer than me. Jimmy had a Will in effect, the administrator was Vergil but it was not found. Among the papers Richard found was one that had things noted, like questions one would make notes about. Virgil’s name was on the paper, she didn’t know Virgil so I surmise that she had read the Will, if so she probably destroyed it. Heather was employed by Jimmy as an administrative clerk & has known him for years.
Neither Richard nor I found any money or jewelry other than loose change, but Jimmy used to have $100.00 bills in a boot in the closet & a Rolex watch.
Richard picks up Jimmy’s mail in Avila Beach. One day I opened an envelope from the Credit Union in Los Angeles & there was a request to add Bruce’s name to the account, but it needed another signature from Jimmy. Had this been completed there would be no question as to who was to get the money in the account.
The night Jimmy died; there was no Hospice Lady on duty. Heather volunteered to stay with Jimmy & she was with him when he died. Richard says that Jimmy had “Sundowner Syndrome” which means he had dementia.
I don’t think Jimmy knew what he was signing; he was influenced by whatever Heather told him. Richard & I went to visit his Doctor but were informed that I could not get his Medical Records without a Court Order. Richard has requested the Hospice records to no avail. But there is a fly in the ointment there. The lady in charge of the Hospice is a good friend of Heather & Bruce’s wife Debora.
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Jun 2, 2013

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