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Privacy Chest / They debited my account without any information from me!

United States Review updated:
I received a newsletter in the mail from this company. A week or so later, I see two debits on my checking account from this company! I have no idea how they got my account information! I looked at the fine print inside the newsletter which said that I had to contact them to cancel the service, and that no refunds were given.


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  9th of Oct, 2008
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Privacy Chest - Unauthorized
The Privacy Chest
1387 Fairport Rd. #800
New York
United States

This company took $3.00 out of my checking account saying that I was interested in there product. I know nothing about this company nor did I request there service.
  21st of Nov, 2008
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Privacy Chest - Unauthorized
United States

This company debited my account for 38.83 and I do not know what it is for. I have not order anything from them or plan to. I do not know what they sell.
  23rd of Nov, 2008
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Privacy Chest - Unauthorized
web detective
12466 w. 67th ave
United States
Phone: 303-424-2349

I wwas searching for someone and I went to get the detectice and it absolutely was NOT what I wanted. I called right away to cancel. They said everything was taken care of. I just recieved this privacy chest in the mail and a deduction out of my banking acount. I nevr orddered that and I want a refund.
  28th of Nov, 2008
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Privacy Chest - Unauthorized
13212wesanne terrace
United States
Phone: 8043790804

Registered for membership; was not furnished info that company said they had.

Wish to cancel membership now AND any other attendent membership{s]
  1st of Dec, 2008
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you have to call them in Canada, this is a service that is hidden in some other service you may have used. My daughter was looking for her x about child support and the service she used had this service linked to it. she didn't know until they started taking the $38. out of her checking account.
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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never authorized any charges to my account
  4th of Dec, 2008
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Privacy Chest - money take taken from my account 2 months with my permission
United States

I have not given permission for any to take monies from my account however to the past 2 months monies have been take leaving my acount over drawn. Please, return monies and leave my account alone. I don't need this type of protection unless companies continue to cheat to keep themselves afloat. I can't do it. I can't even get a telephone number fot your company and I have not given any permission to debt my account for this service. You can call me; my telephone number is 902 872 3329.
  9th of Dec, 2008
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Privacy Chest - Unauthorized
privacy chest
United States

Pay for a three day trial of on-line detective for a back ground check and they automatically sign you up for this 35.00/month service- and when you discover you have been enrolled they will not refund your money- rather they try and talk you into keeping it- and will even offer the same service of 19.00. Beware!!!
  13th of Dec, 2008
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I did not order this but it was charged to me twice and now I want the money put back that they took out of my account without permission.
  17th of Dec, 2008
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Privacy Chest - Unauthorized
United States

I have no idea what this is and it is chargeing my account every month and
$38.83 and i am having a hard time getting my money back.
  27th of Dec, 2008
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Privacy Chest - Unauthorized
Privacy Chest
New Jersey
United States

I signed up for Web Detective and requested information on an individual. when I paid the minimal fee and signed up, there was no information available on the individual. So I immediately cancelled and thought that was the end of it. On Dec 16th an unauthorized deduction was taken from my checking account through my debit card. Then when I called to inquire I was told that there was another site that I signed up for when I signed up for web detective, and was told that it had to be cancelled separately. The problem is that they never told you that you signed up for an additional site and it had to be cancelled separately, Then they try and sell you a product for identity theft and keep pushing it as though they are threatening your personal information will be released. If this is not identity theft for taking money from your accounts that are unauthorized then what is. This is the biggest scam going and needs to be dealt with. Thank your for your time. Michael D. Gerasimowicz.

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