Pristine Motors of Lewisville / Business Practices

1 1026 E. State Hwy 121, Lewisville, TX, United States

Wife, kids and I drove an hour to this dealership because we were promised that they would work with us to get into a vehicle. Andre was the salesman that promised the world for us and delivered NOTHING!! Price quoted on vehicle was $11999. When the financing came through, it was FAR more than should have been. When I asked the owner to go over the financing numbers, he said he didn t know them. Wanted cash as per the bank to secure the financing. When I told them no on the cash, I was offered more money on my trade-in but still wanted cash. Makes you wonder why they just didn t apply the difference in trade-in value as cash to the bank. When I was contacted by Andre about picking up vehicle, I was told the financing figures and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! I questioned why the amount financed wasn t what it should be, I was told that the price of the vehicle was only if we paid cash for it and not the financing. If financed, the price increased $4000. I told him that we would not take the vehicle as the financing wasn t what we discussed. I was informed by Andre that they worked very hard on getting us this deal. I told him that was their job if they wanted to sell a vehicle. He threatened to call my wife and squeal on me about denying the deal. My wife ALREADY KNEW and didn t want to take the vehicle. Andre then commented extremely rude, THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME!! and then hung up. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALER!!! They are a bunch of crooks looking to capitalize on unfortunate folks looking for a car.

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