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"rancid atmosphere - front for trolls"
I was appalled at the level of irrational hostility present on-site. After posting just my second question (asking how to interpret my incarcerated loved one's distant behavior), I was hit with an avalanche of troll-like responses (e.g. Being told I was 'ugly' and 'repulsive' to him etc.). When I dared to defend myself, and emailed a moderator ('patchouli' - very fitting for your stinky attitude!) about the abuse - she turned the entire thing around on me and defended this one long-term member (the charming sweetheart who called me 'ugly' and 'repulsive') in particular - declaring this toxic person was perfectly reputable (lol), nothing wrong with her caustic adjectives and I was the troublemaker! - simply because I asked why I was being ganged up on (I was already hurting, and didn't need the putrid negativity).

Another member took it upon herself to 'stalk' my posts (a blatant violation of prisontalk's tos) and left very nasty (and aimed at me personally) comments in every thread I was in, bordering on obsessive. Oddly, this too was permitted!, and turned around on me also. It's clear this stinky 'patchouli' has a bias and thinks it's alright for long-term members to abuse newcomers. I was shocked at her unprofessional attitude. Aside from these two long-term members' unnecessary insults/vicious behavior, other members were very flippant and unhelpful overall and I left the site (after politely asking about a dozen times to have my account removed) feeling very disheartened by the fellow prison wives' cruel, bullying behavior. I expected more from a community geared toward prison families.

After a period of confusion as to why these members behaved in such a rude and brutish fashion, I developed a theory - these women seem to have taken on institutional 'dominant male roles' very much like their convict lovers. You will (especially as a newcomer) be bullied into submission by them in an attempt to keep the 'pack strong' - very 'gang-like' and primitive. Being bitter about your aloneness does not give you license to hurl abuse!

Avoid this vile site.

  • Updated by johns655, May 30, 2018

    Oh and also - the interface on here STINKS. Also - I was perma banned (GOOD) after asking to have my account deleted.

  • Updated by johns655, May 30, 2018

    The interface stinks because you cannot edit or delete your own it's just an eyesore, messy and ugly!

May 29, 2018

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