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I have taken the membership on 12-Sep-15, which I have paid half of the amount. I have made the required payment for this, which is why I received the membership card, Where in I enrolled for domestic travel membership. And I was told the amount is valid till 2 years, which is ideally 6N/7D per year. I was given 1st travel on demanding the same in the month of May 16 for 2D/2N. When I requested for 2nd travel in the month of Aug 16, they say I need to pay the full amount.

I need the following points to be answered and action to be taken:
1. when the agreement says for 5 years, why the services are denied
2. when the agreement says 6D/7N per year, why the booking in not allowed
3. The agreement clearly says, when full amount is received, then membership card will be sent.
4. The actual term for 5 yrs period is 30 days. The amount paid and vacation is not at par even for half period considered.
5. No other facilities like what mentioned like insurance, fitness and promotional programs as mentioned.


Aug 29, 2016

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