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Priority Relocations / Priority Relocations = rip off artists!

1 United States

Priority Relocations cheats people. They relocated me and my family across the country. We bought a house using one of 'their' realtor's (found out later not really theirs). What they don't tell you is that Priority Relocations gets a HUGE cut of the deal. Because we used a Priority Relocations Realtor - instead of a Realtor we picked we couldn't get the best deal because the Realtor priority relocations picked was forced to pay ONE THIRD of the commission to Priority relocations. The company the Realtor worked for had rules so they couldn't lower their commissions below a set percent. Instead of getting the best deal for our house we paid over ten thousand dollars more than we should have so priority relocations could skim their piece without us knowing. We could have kept that money if we were told up front about this setup and gotten our own Realtor. Priority Relocations does almost NOTHING to earn this amount - their service was good at first then went way down hill from there. Our Realtor apologized and I know did the best job under the circumstances but said (confidentially) that the 'president' Christy Mcconnell was really just a woman sitting in her house making phone calls and there had been a lot of complaints about her. There doesn't seem to be anything my family can do about this because it wasn't actually illegal. We just wish Ms. Mcconnell had been up front with us and told us in advance that the cost of her simply referring the Realtor was going to cost US so much!


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