Priority Health Chiropractic & Wellness / Unethical practices

1 225 South Main Street, Rice Lake, WI, United States
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Phone: 715-234-9876

On 4/2/12 I made an appointment with Dr. Ryan Effertz at Priority Health Chiropractic and Wellness for a routine chiropractic adjustment. Prior to my appointment I filled out, printed and brought with a routine information and health questionnaire. On the questionnaire it asks for insurance information, which I filled out completely and gave to Ryan upon arrival. After a brief examination, Ryan stated that he would feel better taking xrays prior to adjusting me. I agreed and he handed me more paperwork to sign (consent to treat and financial responsibility forms). I then said, "you are going to bill my insurance for this, right?" and his response was, "Yes, of course." I had the xrays, made an appointment for the next day and he took a copy of my insurance card. When I returned on 4/3/12, he went over the xrays and then proceeded to tell me that I would have to pay cash for my adjustments. I said, "I thought you were going to bill my insurance?" and his response was "We are not in your insurance network." I then asked, "Why didn't you tell me this prior to taking xrays?" and was told, "We work with others that have your insurance and once their out of pocket max is met then the insurance company pays." Needless to say, I now have a $190 bill (which I payed $50 towards) that I was not expecting. I feel this was very misleading a bit corrupt and unethical.

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