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1 Washington DC, United States

Complete rip-off. The same agent came to my house twice: Jeysson Rosstran. I paid Geek Squad to install my printer and make sure if worked properly, after having some problems of it when I tried to do it on my own. "Special Agent" Rostram, as he called himself, as if he didn't understand that the title wasn't some ironic marketing tool devised by consultant to Geek Squad, said he fixed the printer. Insinuated and then said that the customer, me, was just dumb, and called me "Bro" and "Dude" throughout, mixed with obscenties left after a few minutes. Sure enough, the printer did not work. It took two weeks to have them come out again. They sent the same guy, Jeysson Rostram. He printed a couple of documents successfully. Was dismissive and nasty: "I''m not sure you understand anything about computers." I asked if we could print a third document. Reluctantly, he agreed, And sure enough this time, the printer did not work again. He went on on my computer for about two minutes, and then told me there was a "collectivity" problem between the "operating system" and "printer" but wasn't sure. Then he said there might be something wrong with the printer, which I just bought, and I should maybe buy a new one-- but wasn't certain of that. When I said I wanted him to give me a particular diagnosis, and see if he could fix it, he said "it's not my problem, Bro... You could should call Brother (the manufacturer of the printer" and said he had spent too much time trying to figure out the problem-- all of about two minutes.

In short, paid Geek Squad a lot of money. Had the employee, Jaysson Rostram, come to my home and fix it only to not see it fixed not once or twice. And had to put up with snide remarks about how I was a technically illiterate, to repeatedly be called "Bro" and be called a bunch of obscenties. In short, paid money for no service The only thing I got from them was an unfixed printer and being called a lot of obscenties.ff272

May 30, 2015

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