Princess Canopy BedsCaution before you order

L Review updated:

This company sells girl canopy beds on Ebay, they sweet talk you to purchase off Ebay so there is no feedback that you can leave... beware.


  • L
      Dec 04, 2009

    I am also having issues with them I would be interested in hearing about your experience.

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  • S
      Dec 29, 2009

    Horrible people. They do not deliver on time. It took 4 months before they made a partial delivery. When they finally deliver, most of the parts were damaged and some were missing. They said paint chipping from the parts 'do not affect performance'. Edges of several pieces were damaged. We are still trying to get the missing parts. We ordered the bed 08/05/2009. Do not order anything from them. The stuff is very low quality!!

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  • R
      Jan 08, 2010

    I have had terrible problems with them as well. I agree with you. I wish I would have read complaints first, before I bought from them.

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  • L
      Jan 13, 2010

    I ended up disputing the charges with Citibank still waiting to hear what they decide - the "Mattress support" snapped on ours as our 3 year old was climbing into bed for a nap

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  • J
      Jan 21, 2010

    Dear ll_Texas,

    This is Joanna Lemus (owner of Princess Canopy Beds)

    You sent me an image of your mattress support that was broken. This was caused by the damage that happened to your package during shipping. We do our very best to package beds so that they arrive in the quality that we boxed them in. At the holiday times, shippers are moving freight at a faster rate than normal in order to meet the demands. I am very sorry that your support arrived with a hairline crack that you may not have seen. They are packaged at the edge of our box and can occasionally suffer damage. You do need your mattress support to be strong so as to withhold the weight of the mattress/ slats as well your precious child. I am sorry that there was un-noticed damage to your support that cased the end of your mattress to sag while your child was in the bed. Had your support not been fractured during shipment, this would not have happened.

    As well, you sent an image of a damaged corner of your headboard, We saw that you did not sign for the damage at the time of shipment and had pity on your situation. We sent you a replacement headboard at our expense as well as another mattress support via UPS.

    You did take a full refund which was not necessary as your bed frame was in PERFECT condition. You only had one damaged 1 X 2X 8 pine mattress support that needed to be replaced. I am sorry for what you have suffered and have tried to correct the problems in every way that we can. We have done this totally out of pocket as the shippers would not cover damage. You did not sign for any damaged boxes according to the delivery receipt and this was advised for you to do. In the meantime,

    I am not sure which direction citibank will go with this, but I do hope that you still have all boxes in order to repackage the bed exactly as arrived. You should not be allowed to keep the bed and the money. If we do not win this, the bed will need t be shipped back to us without damage.

    sorry again Liz,

    Joanna Lemus

    To make this

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  • L
      Jan 22, 2010


    Your account of our situation is not accurate.

    The item damaged in shipping was the back piece (cosmetic damage, deep gauges showing bare wood, paint chips etc) and the driver noted on the ticket the box was damaged. The box for the headboard did not appear to be damaged. I do not believe the headboard was damaged in shipping, it is poor quality, the shape is irregular not round and as for the corner as I stated in my original email it appears a corner was broken off, glued back on and repainted as amazing the paint is not chipped on that corner at all. It also arrived with numerous paint drips etc. again whether you choose to acknowledge it or not the headboard we received was poor quality. We have not received a replacement via UPS I have no idea what you are talking about.

    I did not take a full refund but a conditional credit while Citibank investigates because quite frankly you left me with no choice. You would not let me ship the bed back after the mattress support broke, would not replace the back piece that was damaged in shipping, and would not replace the headboard. After taking the bed apart we noticed most of the pine 1x4's also had cracks I am concerned it was a matter of time before the entire mattress hit the floor. This is my opinion based of what we experienced first hand.

    The bed was only slept on one week. I googled other images of slat mattress supports and all had more boards, more substantial side supports and many with a center support. I am not convinced these items were damaged in shipping in have geniune concerns the construction to support the mattress is 1x2’s the length of the bed (on the left and right) with (6) 1x4’s screwed into them on either end is not safe. Especially after seeing the cracks on the 1x4's and the screw holes after we took the bed apart.

    I am waiting for Citibank’s decision and will abide by it.

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  • J
      Jan 22, 2010

    I am sorry Mrs Laxton, yet you did not sign for damage. I will not post the delivery reciept on this forum as it would expose your address and personal information but I will email it to you after I post this. A lady named Sonia signed for the bed and NOT Liz Laxton. She signed for it in a box that stated "received in good condition" unless otherwise noted YET there was NO notes of the damage on the delivery receipt. Whatever it is you think that the driver did, he did not. The notes of the damage needed to be written on the delivery receipt as I stated to you in your delivery instruction. Sonia signed for it as clear without damage and this is what the shippers look at when it comes to honoring claims. I am sorry about this, it is just the way LtL works. In spite of this, I still sent replacement parts. If you did not receive them then I will need to take this up with UPS...nonetheless, we did everything we could to conduct our end of the business with integrity and you REFUSED to work with us!

    Your tracking numbers for your ups shipments are as follows...they were sent last Dec.


    Lastly, you are CRAZY if you think that we would GLUE a damaged corner back onto a headboard and then box it. We have WAY MORE excellence than that. If engineered wood gets damaged or is dropped during shipment, it does EXACTLY what you sent me an image of. That was a damaged corner IN SHIPMENT and not caused by bad workmanship by any means! Your opinion does not make it truth any more than you "thinking" that the distance between our mattress supports made our bed unsafe! These are all just made up beliefs in your own mind and are NOT fact. I have OVER 1500 sales to prove this.

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  • L
      Jan 22, 2010

    You have me mixed up with someone in CA again I live in Texas. That is not my address and there is no one named Sonia who would or could sign for it.

    As far as the tracking info UPS it says they received a pickup notice (biling information sent) nothing was delivered to us. It appears they are investigating it this is the first I have heard of it.

    Maybe other have had good experiences but my experience with your company was not good

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  • J
      Jan 22, 2010

    I can't believe how childish il Texas is, Joanna is trying to correct things and you are refusing? What is this world coming to, my gosh. Obviously you did not sign for the physical damage of the box, why is Joanna to blame for a third party shipper? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Unbelievable, what does a slat support have to do with the overall quality of the bed? Nothing, just replace it il Texas, The beds are incredibly sturdy. My daughter and 5 of her friends play in her bed.

    This is an insult Joanna, where are these people coming from?

    I completely disagree with ilTexas she is obviously in the wrong. Its people like iltexas that make America more difficult to live in all the time.

    Sorry Joanna

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  • J
      Jan 22, 2010

    I am so sorry Liz,

    I did send the incorrect pro to you..

    yours is attached and it is signed by Courtney Laxton and as well was signed CLEAR as received WITHOUT damage

    as well, this contains your personal information so I will email it to you...

    my error!

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  • R
      Feb 15, 2010


    I understand how you feel. I hope you win with citibank. I am sorry Joanna Lemus has such bad costumer service that she has to guess which client she has upset. She puts her clients names and information out to hurt them. Lucky for me, she has not been correct on my identity. The bed she sold me was awful quality as well. Update us on what happens with citibank. Good luck.

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  • J
      Mar 12, 2010

    I am also an unhappy customer of Princess Canopy Beds. Super slow (LATE) delivery and poor quality. I will not offer details out of fear that Joanna will expose my name or other personal information online. Order from someone else!

    Oh, also wanted to add that some of my pieces arrived damaged though there was no damage to outside of the box. Heavy pieces need to be packaged better because they will get banged around in shipping. They should know this by now.

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  • D
      Aug 27, 2011

    Bed falling apart!!! Get your glue gun ready as the "molding" around the bottom of the bed is stick on and doesn't last. Also knobs on the trundle flap fell off, I contacted seller and even offered to PAY for replacement and no response to date. What started off as a positive experience with the bed and the Lemus' has now become a negative one as I had hoped they would've stood behind their product. My suggestion: take our complaints to option I'm seriously contemplating doing myself.

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