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Primus Canada LD / Have no phone anymore because of them

1 Ontario, Canada

Back in Janary

"I have called many times previously cancelling my 'service' that I am so called using. Wont get started there! I have given up calling b/c no one helps or listens when i try to explain the stupidity of what Primus is doing, which has forced me now to TOTALLY get rid of my phone b/c of the BS. And I can never understand what the agent is stating because english is clearly NOT their first language. VERY FRUSTRATING that you cant even speak to someone who speaks english, yet alone even understand it!

AND the looong ### waiting time whenever yo ucall them is complete BS as well. Everytime i call them its like 30 mins, other places i get an agent immediately almost!

I have "canceled" my account THREE times and the agent states 'he would send off a request to cancel it'. There should be no need to 'send off a request' to cancel my acount, as I no longer have a phone, just got rid of it. I tel lthem to even can call the number provided to even see for themselves. And telling cogeco the whole ordeal b/c of why i canceled my phone was horrible. They stated themselves i am just being given jerked around over a service that could never have been set up, seeing as though they (Cogeco) never disconnected my service with them because they are unable to. Only I am able to disconnect that. GET THAT!
Plus i dont dial a 1 before long distance calls - that's the whole purpose of having digital phone. When i asked an agent what digtial phone means, they are like 'oh you want digital phone, (in paki accent) well I can get that added onto your service' NO NO NO NO NO (i was like), that is not what i asked. Do you see the frustration with phone agents.

A good thing to do when on the phone, or through email is the following ( i work at a call center and i actually care about my customers issue) them...not so much

heres the tiers
tier one agent- the first person you generally receive your response back from
ASK to escalate the request IMMEDIATELY to either tier 2, or their team lead, or their ssupervisor or manager or site director

this is typical escalation of requests which is pretty mandatory in all call centers, but primus is 'special' so really push for it

Now February

AFTER paying the stupid notice bill, I get yet ANOTHER bill stating to pay for my service ### NO! I have my banking confirmation information stating the bill was paid the day i got the notice. Paying the day the notice is received is not considered a late payment the last tiem i checked! What ###ing ###s.

They are certainly not getting any further money from me because it is ridciulous anymore.

Primus is officially a FRAUD company hereon from everything i have heard and read! I have written the CRTC andgot not response with the "two weeks" stating they would get back to me. I am going to write them everyday until i receive a response.

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