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Hey, i've been getting bills for long distance service from primus when I never even signed up for their service.

When I got the first bill, I phoned them right away and said that I had never signed up with them. His response, "yes, you did." after further "no I didn'ts and yes you dids" I said to offer me proof that I had ever signed up with them. He said that I had agreed on the phone, so I asked him to find such a recording as they record all such phone transactions and told him i'd wait.

After a few minutes he came back and said that there was no recording and then he said, "so do you want to cancel the service?" I said, "no I don't want to"cancel" the service because I never signed up in the first place. So he finishes off by telling me they'll be sending me a closing statement of what I owe.

I'm pretty sure what happened is that one of their phone solicitation people simply decided to sign me up even after i'd said no just so he could gain a commission. But, even with no recording of my agreement to sign up with them, they're still insisting that I did sign up.

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  • Je
      Oct 19, 2009

    They did the same to me, now im getting a monthly E-bill, and all i did was call them for info on their services! they asked for my info for them to check if services were available in my area, and i clearly said i dont want to subsrcibe now, just want info on prices and such, and she assured me no problemes, I think im gonna have to take to court, its ridiculus!!! they are charging me and i dont have any services from them, a tech was never here, just me who called for info, i feel harrasssed to the fullest!

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