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Prime Time Savings Plan / unathorized debit from account

1 Oceanside, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-223-1555

this company has been deducting $16. 95 since April 30th. They claim when i made a purchase online i authorized the seller to give them my name and bank information. This is totally false. As of now they owe me $84.75. When i asked to be reimbursed they said they could not. It is obvious that you can not do any purchases online anymore. If there is anyway of getting my money back please let me know.

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  13th of Sep, 2008
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Same EXACT situation with me. Their first charge came thru my acct on 4/30, then 6/3, 7/2, 8/2 and most recently 9/3.

I have called numerous times and emailed. Today, I will be filing a BBB complaint.

  8th of Oct, 2008
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This company did the same thing to me. They charged me $16.95 in Sept and I called them and told them to cancel it. I never authorized the withdraw. I still got no refund but sure enough in Oct I had another charge yet again. So this time I fixed them...I called my bank and reported them as fraud. My bank is refunding the money and they are investigating and will report any necessary information to the proper authorities. I would also notify the BBB and attorney general about PediPaws for forwarding the CC information. There is no reason especially this day and age for any company to share that type of information...

  27th of Oct, 2008
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I sure did order the pedi-paws on line as weel and the same exact thing is happening to me. I just noticed it this month, but my bank informed me this is the 2nd charge. I'm reporting them as fraud! Giving out bank info is illegal no matter what. It shouldn't even be in the fine print! This is absolutely outrageous!

  28th of Oct, 2008
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same thing is happening to me, purchased pedi-paws in Sept. and charges from two different companies started almost right away.
EZ Saver for $14.95 per month and Primetime for $16.95 per month. Cancel your debit cards used to purchase the items online and tell your bank you need new ones due to fraud. Also ask your bank to file a dispute of the charges and most likely you'll get your money back. I hope someone out there is turning these companies in!

  8th of Nov, 2008
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I received the same charges after ordering Pedi-Paws online. After reading these complaints I contacted my credit card company fraud division and cancelled my card and had a new one issued. It is the only way to prevent them from charging your card again. I'll think twice before ordering anything online again!

  13th of Nov, 2008
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Same thing happened to me ordering pedi-paws, which is not a good product, by the way. I noticed after the third carge over 3 months. They would not re-fund me even though I have no idea what the carge is for. I spoke to a manager at prime time savings who told me she would refund one of the monthly charges to my if I would fax her my bank statements for the months I was charged. I disagreed and responded by saying that I would not give out my private information in my bank statements, as if someone would give out their bank statements to some scam artist company in the first place is completely un-heard of. I plan to dispute the charges through my bank and return the pedi-paws as their company got me into this in the first place. I spoke to pedi-paws and they claim to have no awareness to the link that charges customers a monthly fee, that cannot be re-funded. These campanies make it hard for trustworthy merchants, and are the reason why a-lot of people do not shop on-line which is sad that they get away with it and as of 11/12/2008 they succeed in ripping me off for now, but hopefully my bank will come through for me when I dispute the charges.

  23rd of Nov, 2008
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Same thing - ordered pedi paws and now have been chargted 16.95 last month and again this month. Have had to cancel my old card, dispute the charges and get a new card because there was no way to stop the automatic charge as the credit card company had no phone number for this company either. .

  24th of Nov, 2008
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Same thing happened to me. I did order the Pedi-paws but cancelled the order on line. I still got billed. The only way I found the phone number was on this complaint website.

When I called the phone number, he "looked up" my information by my name and guess what. He could not find it!! He asked for my bank account information and said that was the only way he could help me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said she would ask me the same thing. He again tried to get my account information. I hung up the phone.

I'm sure I will never see that money. That does it for me ordering on line. I am with another person that wrote a complaint. I will contact the BBB tomorrow and also the attorney general.

  4th of Dec, 2008
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I noticed a payment of $16.95 to Primetime last month. I thought maybe my wife had made the purchase. Being busy we did not get around to discussing it until the charge showed up again the following month. There was no phone listed on the charge information. This made me suspicious, so I called Visa.
They gave me the number for Primetime and advised I would need to call and cancel my membership. Primetime is a scam. Their number is 1-866-223-1555

  6th of Dec, 2008
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I had the same problem with the $16.95 taken out of my account on two occasions. I filed a complaint against Prime Time with my bank. I also printed off this webpage and took it to the bank to prove my point. It was cleared up in one day and my money refunded to my bank account the same day.

When I called Prime Time to dispute the charges they wanted me to fax my bank information to them. I told the bank about this and they said "no way". I also canceled my debit card and applied for a new one just to be safe. Good Luck to everyone...

  22nd of Dec, 2008
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*red this*

Here is the information for the better business bearue that oversees this company. file a complaint!!! you may get your money back and either way they will be punished!!!

Bbb of west florida, inc.
(clearwater, fl)
2653 mccormick drive
Clearwater, fl 33759
Phone: (727) 535-5522
Fax: (727) 539-6301

Just go to their website and file a complaint

Here is prime time savings info you will need it to file a complaint with the bbb

Phone: 1-866-223-1555

Primetime savings™
Attn: customer care
Po box 41171
St petersburg, fl 33743

Please take the time to fill this out!!!

  6th of Jan, 2009
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PrimeTime has been fraudulently charging my credit card numerous times

  4th of Mar, 2009
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My husband and I are VERY upset!!! We just checked out our bank account as of 03/04/2009, they also have withdrawn $16.95, out of our account. I called the number before my husband read anything about this stuff going on. I will be honest with u all. This has been going on since ATLEAST before 2002, under SEVERAL name. They have even listed the peoples names pulling the scam. I would advise EVERYONE who has money taken out of their accounts to check out these websights listed. I also have realized that EVERYONE involved either ordered a SNUGGIE, or a PET NAIL TRIMMER, sorry I forgot what it was called EXACTLY. I am wondering how these people are involved with the AS SEEN ON TV company. I am calling our Attorney General tomorrow. I am aware that SEVERAL atty generals in SEVERAL states are aware of this. THIS HAS TO STOP!! I definitely do not have extra money to just give to someone. Sincerely, MB in CT

  21st of Aug, 2009
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i am having the same problem and like every one else i do not know this company what scammers.

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