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Prime Star Hotels / job offer

1 Manchester, England, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom Review updated:

Dear sir,
I have been in contact with Prime Star hotel and thet have offered me the job now when everything is about to be done they are asking o only pay for Worker's Appval Certificate. Kindly advise if there is any payment method for this ducument as per work & pension office rules & regulations. I just want to know if this is right so I can proceed. Following is the email send by them,
Ms.Stephanie Carol,

Attachment letter contains the required documents needed and details for issuance of the British Worker’s Approval Certificate (BWAC) to you for completion of your UK work permit visa general tier2 in the British immigration home office & visas Section London.
Kind Regards,

Director General Of.
'Minister for the Environment, Planning and Countryside.
Counsel General and Leader of the London Labour House
Labour in Government.

Mailing Address: British Public Labour Relation Services, Ministry for Work -Pension Board
Office Contact Address: Caxton House Tothill Street London SW1H 9NA United Kingdom.
Email Id:
Fax [protected].

British Employment and Labour Standards.
Employment Relations Act 2014/2015(c. 18). (LT-[protected])
This authoritarian program is foundation on Part III of the British Labour Code.

Casper M. Bloom, Q.C., Ad. E.

What is the PLRSD?
The Public Labour Relation Service Department (PLRSD) Ministry for Work - Pension Board, is a government - regulating quasi- institute responsible for administering all employment and the service system under the Code within the British federal public skilled migrants’ services. The Board’s mission is to promotes, process and support in agreement for employer-employee relations.


Ms. Stephanie Carol,
Country of Origin: Pakistani.
United Kingdom Visa Type: Work permit/Visa General Tier2.

Our institute have verified your : Tier 2 visa reference, applications data, that we received on- your behalf from the British Immigration Home Office & Visas Section London Public service section, that is in-charge for your visa processing: UK Tier 2 General working visa type.

As you have applied for your tier 2 general UK working visa to enter and work in United Kingdom, it's a very big opportunity for non citizens to gain British Permanent Resident and rights Permits to work and live in United Kingdom for many years.

Employment Standard Services:
The fundamental principle of decency at work underlies all the Labour standards legislation!
Fairness at Work: Federal Labour Standards for the 21st Century Government officials, business leaders and unions have a long history of collaboration in negotiating fair and equitable employment standards for workers in British societies.
Such standards protect the rights of these Immigrant workers, foster positive workplace environments and proactive relationships between managers and employees and, ultimately, benefit the bottom line of any business.
While the Labour Program focuses on regulating workplaces in the federal jurisdiction, some programs do apply to other workers.

Did you know that 90 percent of the British workforce is covered by provincial or territorial labour laws? Only 10 percent of all United Kingdom businesses are federally regulated.
The Prosperity and Work policy commission develops Labour’s policy direction and thinking on the economy and welfare.
It considers current issues ranging from pensions reform, to rights at work, to how United Kingdom should compete in an increasingly globalise economy.

Labour's policies on asylum and immigration,
British is a country with a strong tradition of providing a safe haven to those genuinely fleeing from shortage of employment in their country and we will continue to do so.
However, this tradition can only be protected if we prevent abuses through illegal immigration and abuses of the asylum system.

Our challenges are clear: to protect our borders from those who seek to abuse the system; to continue to provide a safe haven to those genuinely seeking shelter / job offers, and to prevent abuse of the asylum system; to manage migration to meet the needs of our economy; to welcome hard-working and talented legal immigrants and help them to become British - citizens, with of all the rights and responsibilities that entails.

How can we best manage legal migration to fill key gaps in our economy?
We need managed migration: our economy benefits substantially from it, and the vibrancy of our culture is in no small part down to hard-working and talented migrants.
We must therefore be undimmed in our determination to make the case for properly managed immigrants on but if we are to defeat those who use asylum and immigration to stoke up fear and racism, we must also tackle abuse of the system.
We welcome hard - working legal migrants who want to make a contribution towards the wealth and prosperity of the British.

But like all freedoms we also need rules and limits.
Migration must be properly managed and we are introducing a new points-based system to ensure that only those who benefit British can come here to work or study, helping to fill key vacancies.
We are proud to offer you our premium services!
The Premium Skill work approval code for British Worker’s Approval Certificate (BWAC) approval services is the most, best comprehensive British migrants service that we do offer to visitors on working Tier 2 General basic.20

We are very happy to inform you that your application letter request to our office is successful and set process, to enable you get hold of your (BWAC) British Worker’s Approval Certificate, which (MUST) be approve and sign by our director general.
But because we found out from your data that you has never been worked in United Kingdom before, neither you ever before has : British permits to work in United Kingdom under any organizations both government and companies.
Note : that this process can not be concluded until our final screening upon your visa document statues, as the Clause IV of the Labour constitution British government.

We here-by need your alert to understand that you are obliged to convey to our office these following documents, written below for further process and approval of your : British Worker’s Approval Certificate (BWAC) as well as the regime dispensation fee:
£299 British pounds sterling only, to facilitate our office approval coverage and the sending of your skilled worker (BWAC) which we have customary and promise to process for further issue of visa to you at the UK Embassy there in your Country.

When writing back to us, you are summoned to send together with yours:
1. A Recent Full Photograph passport of yours (one copy) scans
2. Id Card.
3. Your Contract Agreements Letter from your Employer here in United Kingdom:
4. British Worker’s Approval Certificate (BWAC) Labour Government Service processing & certificate approval fee total amount of £299 British pounds sterling only.

Ours office have been in receipt of your visa file references number, from the Immigration Visa Division Birmingham and you are giving WORKING DAYS to submit all these mentioned essential travel documents to our office back for further processing of your (BWAC), note that all these mentioned essential documents must be accomplish to our desk within the giving time.

You are inculcating to use this information when transferring your governmental processing fee to our office.
Payment must be made through MONEY GRAM TRANSFER, to our office.
You have to use the name of our office financial department accountant officer to make your payment, and then forward it together with your affirmations to us.
Here are the prerequisite details that you have to use for the payment processing fee at any of these mentioned Money Transfer Agent/Bank there in your country.
Receiver’s Name: Theresa Joy Ernest.
Amount of the BWAC fee to be paid is: 299 British pounds sterling
Receiver’s country United Kingdom England
Receiver’s address should be our office contact address: Caxton House Tothill Street London SW1H 9NA United Kingdom.
Also you must attached the payment transfer slip from the bank, for our office for further verification and record.

Ones more you are welcome into our beautiful country United Kingdom.
With due respect we do appreciate your efforts towards the preparation of your Tier 2 General working visa approval cipher and the work permit certificate procedure with our offices.
Our administration has staffs that, speaks five different Eastern-European languages in total, which enables them to screen candidates more effectively and promptly, then deal with day-to-day issues with temporary entering visitors.

Under the Parliamentary Employment and Staff Relations Act, binding arbitration is the only method available to parliamentary employees for resolving collective bargaining disputes in any case that disputes may occur.
This Labour sector is meant for overseas workforce programme section, for skilled workers inventory and maintaining of their personal work details in strict compliance with Bureau Office requirements on prevention of illegal migrants and illegal work forces in United Kingdom Cities.

Here our director general must stamp and sign you’re:
{British Worker’s Approval Certificate} {BWAC} and then file it in our labour - statistics market records as to be use during the pension service also must be approved before the Immigration office can grantee your visa authorizations codes for visa stamping there at the British embassy in your country.

This subdivision has close relationship with Birmingham Immigration Home Office
Headquarters, at the Bureau desk in-charge for your visa endorsement and work permit certificate, that will be issue to you after we have approved your: (BWAC) which must be done immediately we receive the above demand travel document and the Labour governmental processing fee, from you to enable us proceed further also in aspect of registering your information for pension schemes : UNDER LABOUR LAW ENFORCEMENT POLICY RECORDS. ________________________________________

Kind Regards
Director General Of
'Minister for the Environment, Planning and Countryside.
Counsel General and Leader of the London Labour House


Apr 26, 2015
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  • Mo
      14th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    bro this is fake i too got a email same like this they are creating email address of uk from email services site and using it to take money from us dont pay them anyhting

  • Jh
      8th of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    I got same email

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