Prime Lenders Credit AcceptanceThieves

No matter What you pay. they will get more out of you 1 way or another. and if you make all your payments and your late on 1 payment and the end of 3 years. they will repo the Car. they dont give a crap . about you. Dont bother to call. customer service. they are rude. they will threaten you.. dont go for direct deposit. they will take all your money. even if you dont have it. starve they could care less. i bought a car for 6.000. well guess what its 12.00 now. how did that happen. the car is already in the shop for a new transmission. and the power steering pump and water pump went out in the first few months. the power steering pump has been repalced 5 times already. and the front ball joints are about to go out.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Piedmont, SC ok so now i get laid off. so iam alittle more than a month behind. so they call me in 2 weeks 34 times. i havent answard any of them. because 1 i am not paying for a car they added 6.000 more in payments. it cost 4.000 to fix it. well ive move to another state.. so they are going crazy trying to find the vehical so they can repo it.. so they will sue me. or go to the irs.. go for it. I have Cancer and ill prob be dead before they get to it. Credit acceptance your going have to Eat sh...t on this 1. Good luck to everyone else that have to deal with thease loansharks. and thieves. I dont know how the people that work for this so called company. can feel good sbout working for a company like this. and i Hope someday they all get. put away. God Bless to you all.

Jan 27, 2017

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