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Prime Car Audio / Buyer beware

1 United States

I ordered an EONON in dash DVD player for my son for Xmas (2007). The transaction went very smoothly, they were quick to answer my questions and ship my item. I recieved my item and wrapped it up for Christmas for my son. My son had enough money to get it installed in January, until this time, the item stayed in the box, untouched. Once my son had it installed, the DVD player worked for one day. I right away tried to contact PRIME CAR AUDIO. They would not respond to my e-mails or return my calls Once they had my money it was a done deal. I e-mailed and tried to call numerous times. I got desperate and finally contacted the EONON Manufacturer in China. They were very helpful and corresponded with me. I have a huge file with all e-mail correspondances. I was asked by the manufacturer to send the item back to China, which I did at a cost of somewhere around $80.00. Up to this point, PRIME CAR AUDIO still had not attempted to make contact with me.
After months of waiting Eonon finally e-mailed me back and told me yes indeed the DVD player was faulty! They were going to fix it and send it back. I told him, no I want a new one since the item was new when I purchased it. I recieved an e-mail back stating they couldnt fix it and would send me a new one. AFter months of waiting the new DVD player arrived. Once again my son installed it and this time it worked for 3 hours. I contacted EONON right away. This time they were a little slower at getting back to me. I once again tried to contact PRIME CAR AUDIO, and still no answer. I went on the internet and looked up in the Florida Phone book the name of the owner of PRIME CAR AUDIO. I got a totally different number. I called the number and the owner picked up. I told him my story and then he tried to tell me that it wasnt PRIME CAR AUDIO that it was another Electronics company. I told him how I found his number and that he better stop with the lies. All of a sudden his story changed and he admited that I got the right number (PRIME CAR AUDIO). He tried to give me some story that he was just working there and that someone from his administration department would call me back right away. Two days passed and still no word from PRIME CAR AUDIO. At this point, the address was not listed on their website and if you wanted to return and Item, you could only do it with their permission and a return number that they supply. Of course they wouldnt talk to me so I couldnt get a number. Last summer (2008) I decided to take matters into my own hands and send the itme back to PRIME CAR AUDIO myself. I once again, went onto the internet and found the address. I returned the item (once again at my expense). I tracked the item a couple of weeks later and PRIME CAR AUDIO would not accept the item. Of course at this point, my credit card company would not reimburse me either because he would not accept the item.
I once again contacted EONON in China and told them about my dilemma. They corresponded via e-mail with me and the owners of PRIME CAR AUDIO. Weeks later they accepted my DVD player and apparently sent it back to China for repairs. That was the summer of 2008. Here we are now March 2009, I still dont have the DVD player and Im out $400.00 plus all the shipping fees! I recently once again contacted EONON and he responded back to me as well as PRIME CAR AUDIO. Finally the owner, corresponded to both of us telling us that the item was sent a long time ago. I knew at this point he was once again lying! He said in his email (I dont know what is wrong with this customer, meaning me) I responded saying if you sent it like you said you did, please supply me with a tracking number. I have yet to hear back from him. The last e-mail was dated March 2, 2009. This nightmare of an ordeal started December 2007 and here we are now almost the end of March 2009 I really don't know what to do. My son was out a Christmas present, I am out over $400.00 and someone is laughing for ripping me off. BUYER BEWARE!


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