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Primary Financial / Collection HARRASSMENT

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Phone: (800)661-0086

I called the company today to complain about a collection rep who called my husband today. She had harrassed him a couple times before this for a debt we owed due to us losing our home. I asked for a supervisor and was sent over to TOM OJINAGA who right off the bat was extremely RUDE and VILE. I told him i understood that an agent needed to call us to collect a debt but asked if he could assign it to another agent because the previous one was rude and harassing us. He started off the conservation reminding me that I had no right to ask for anything and that I was "below him" because I couldn't pay my bills. He than said " you obviously do NOT have a job because you are home today calling to complain" and I explained I was a stay at home mom and he said "HA thats not a job!" My daughter was crying in the background and he than said " well obviously you have a problem doing that". I than repeated myself and asked to fix the harassment problem. he said he wasen't going to do ANYTHING about it until I pay my debt. We both began to yell at each other and exchange some choice words.
I told him that our priority was to take care of our family and put food on the table and he said " all your giving me is excuses, feeding and taking care of your family is an excuse" He than said several times that I am a joke. I than stated I was going to turn in my recordings I have of this phone call and the others ( since we recorded ALL of them) he than became REALLY violent with his tone. He said that since I called today to complain that he was going to take a "special interest" in my case and that he would MAKE SURE we paid the debt by this week with WHATEVER MEASURES HE HAD TO TAKE. He told me I can tell my husband to "thank" me for that. I told him that collection agents are to call to collect a debt and nothing more. He seems to think different stating that " they will do what i ask them to do and she (the agent) will continue to call and use whatever means nessassary to collect a dept.

TOM OJINAGA is a supervisor? He cannot even conduct himself in a professional manner . It doesn't matter if I owe money or am owed money to, he needs to treat people in a prefessional manner. Glad I have all the conversations recorded ...made a complaint to BBB and also forwarded the recording to an attorney.

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  • El
      3rd of Apr, 2009
    Primary Financial - Illegal Collections practices
    Primary Financial, LLC
    United States

    Know your rights!

    This collection agency has been calling and harassing me for several months. They use threats and abusive language regardless if I make payments or not. I researched my rights and found that I could request to have them stop calling my work place. However, if you try to call and request they stop calling your workplace they become abusive and hang up on you. This reflects a clear concerted effort on behalf of Primary Financial to engage in illegal practices:

    -abusive language


    -calls to work


    I encourage everyone who has had negative experiences with Primary Financial to first file a complaint with the AZ Attorney General's office Then, pursue legal action. Review the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, know your rights, and file a suit when necessary. You are not alone. Primary Financial is notorious for engaging in illegal behavior and they should not be permitted to continue doing so.

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  • Hh
      11th of Nov, 2010

    Oh I forgot to mention that once I was done listening to Tom ramble I asked to speak to a supervisor above him he than laughed and put me on hold. I wasited and he got back on stating this is Tom how can i help you and I said " tom I said I would like to speak to another supervisor, he than put me on hold again. He answered a third time stating THIS IS TOM A SUPERVISOR. After I asked again for his supervisor he hung up on me. Scarey to think this man is in charge of employees...hopefully he isnt a Dad because he has no right being in charge of a company let alone children

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  • No
      18th of May, 2012
    Primary Financial - Abusors
    Primary Financial
    United States

    Where do I start with Primary Financial???? Whoever posted the comment about pay your bills...I pray for you!! Let me tell you my story...I took out this loan my sophomore year in college under AES. Didnt have to pay until six months after I Well a few months after i finish school...I was broke and couldn't find a job. Like every other college student. On top of that getting bills from Wells Fargo that I knew nothing about. I NEVER took out a loan with Wells Fargo. So I called up after the bill was way pass due and learn the company was taken over by Wells Fargo with no notification. With no job/nostable job...who can afford $250 a month. I ask for a forbearance and was told NO. I ask so what is the qualification for a forbearance "I don't know, you just don't qualify." I spoke with several customer service reps...none knew the answer to the question! Eventually the loan went into Default...and eventually to Primary Financial. Who basically felt he can just tell me anything...I worked with Financial company for two years, I KNOW MY RIGHTS!! But to talk my cosigners (which are my parents) into 50% settlement on the first call was out right WRONG. They know nothing about the Financial world and how it works so you can talk them into anything. He spoke with my parents after talking to me because he knew he wasn't going to get anywhere with me...WHY??? BECAUSE i KNOW MY RIGHTS!!! Financial companies LIE AND LEAVE OUT A LOT OF INFO PEOPLE DON'T KNOW...ASK QUESTIONS...DO YOUR HOME WORK! TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE DEALING WITH BAGGERING COMPANIES LIKE PRIMARY FINANCIAL SETTLE FOR THE LOWEST AMOUNT POSSIBLE CAUSE YOU CAN DO IT. With my years in finance I was forced to lie to customers. To me every bank and financial company should be SUED! I am still thinking about finding a lawyer about this...situation. To the person who posted nasty comment about pay your bill... walk a day in my shoes and see if you will be able to make that same comment.

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