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I am not alone in getting ripped off by this company. The site is designed to draw your attention to the area where you register to "join now" where, if you fill in the information required to join and check the agree to terms most of us normal people do, without reading all the way through...the company's defaulted selection of 300 bids is pre-selected for you and you end up being charged $149.75 for 300 worthless bids. The auctions that are running are mostly items worth less than $25.00; for which you must pay an average of $10 shipping should you "win" the auction. When an auction is close to ending, each bid adds more time to the clock so that the final 10 seconds could end up taking several hours...also driving the final winning price up. I have even watched some auctions "end" and then magically another 8 or 10 minutes got added to the timer! The products are not refreshed quickly when an auction ends, so there may be as few as like 3 live items for quite a long time; and it seems the most frequently offered items are things like dietary supplements and more bid packs...where is the "good stuff"? Like all the others who voiced their complaints here, I fought with this company to try getting my money back within an hour of learning my money had been stolen and was told their terms and conditions are clearly refunds. I finally settled for a 50% refund as I need to replace the funds in my bank account quickly and they would not agree to a full refund, even though I had not used any of the 300 bids. They also gave me another 100 bonus bids. Whoopie...the site sucks and there's nothing I want to bid on! They are theives. Their FAQ's say they play fair, but they don't. I have complained to the attorney generals of my state and CA, where this site operates from. We need to get a class action suit going people...can anyone help?

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