Priceline.comhotel price drop and not credited

I recently booked a hotel through priceline and paid $111.99 on 5/17/18 the itinerary number #19171805272 and upon checking out the hotel informed me that the price had dropped to $83.00 and the amount I would be charged $95.04 but after speaking to one of priceline reps I was told I would not be reimbursed because I paid in advance and would not be credited the difference I just feel that is not fair to me as a customer and feel if I am owed a refund I should get my refund. Your company advertise 100% lowest price guarantee but refuse to refund customers so in reality your company is getting over on the customers as well as the hotels that allow customers to book through you services your company is benefiting but no one else. my reference # from the hotel of the price change is #[protected]. I will never use priceline ever again and I will also go on your website and put in a review to help warn any new or returning customers to keep a look out for not being reimbursed for price changes to help someone not have to go through what I am going through at this moment. It not about the money it's the fact you don't stand behind you word.

May 28, 2018

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