Prestigious solutionPressurizing sales methods by their staffs

I signed up for their groupon facial course for 5 sessions. When I went to the 1st session I was pressurized into buying more packages. They will show black face when I rejected their requests. So I give in to buy add ons of oxy/acne treatment to the existing packages. It cost me around $200-300. Subsequently, after all my sessions they never failed to pressurized me to get more packages. I have rejected their request a few times after some sessions, they turn nasty on me. There is one time when I was doing facial, got one crazy keep on going to the treatment room and keep on commenting and saying that I have very bad acne problems. My consultant whom I rejected her package previously request also comment alongside with her. They also have inconsistent offers to get you to sign more packages. From $800 for 10 sessions they can go down to $240 for 3 sessions, their intention is just to squeeze you dry. Then they will keep on hard sell you and waste your time. Their intention is to delay you to book your appointment. They always let you book 1 appt at a time so they have chance to hard sell you. I have called them once to book and I overheard the person on the background asking whether they should let me book. This happened after I reject her package offers. I have spend estimated of $1500 due to their pressurizing sales method from a groupon deal. Really feel cheated by them. Hope the boss or owner of prestigious solutions know about their sales tactics. It is good to promote your packages in discounted prices but it not ok to pressurized consumers even after we reject the offers. Some of us prefer to see results before making decisions and not immediately being pressurized after each session of the package. Where can I seek help from?

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