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The reason why i am writing this complain is to prevent for people being harmed by Doctor Bernard Kopchinski, I want to share my personal horror experience that has changed my life significantly.

This is my story

I went to PRESTIGE COSMETIC's office in San Antonio Texas November 2016, with this man BERNARD JOSEPH KOPCHINSKI, to get a breast reduction, he offered to do using liposuction and some techniques that according with him it would work but that was not true, results were terrible my breast size still the same after a year of the surgery and what is worse my aureolas got disfigured in a terrible way! Here are some pictures enclosed for his work and his techniques!!! I went back for a revision and the office manager called, Lynn Guion, referred to talk to a layer because he does not want to take care of his responsibility, the only things that i get from this layer are threating calls to put me a legal demand if i express my complains or if i talk about this situation.

Today I feel mutilated and without any solution... I do not want more women going through for this nightmare, please look for another alternative do not fall under this guy hands he would not care about your well being he is only interested in the money, he does not know how to do his work and it is not fare he can continue destroying many women's and men's lifes that could go seeking for help
Also he refused to provide a copy of my medical records that I would like to have

Prestige Cosmetic
Prestige Cosmetic
Prestige Cosmetic
Prestige Cosmetic

Oct 21, 2017

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