Prestige Auto Shippers LLC / no refund for lack of service

1 VA, United States

On 12/02/2010 after speaking with Andrea Howell of Prestige Auto Shippers LLC, broker MC#710259, I entered into an agreement to transport my 1985 Harley Davidson Motorcycle from New Jersey to Florida. for a total cost of $350.00. The company required a $195.00 deposit, processed by bank account draft, with the balance of $155.00 payable on delivery. The deposit was deducted from my bank account on 12/6/2010. The agreement had a first available pickup date of 12/13/2010. Andrea informed me that 11 days would be more than enough time to secure a carrier/driver for delivery. I had not heard from Prestige or a carrier/driver by 12/13/2010 that my motorcycle was picked-up and when I could expect delivery of it in Florida. I tried to contact Prestige for an update several times finally leaving a voice mail followed up by an email for someone to please contact me. I received no response.
The next day, 12/14/2010, I repeated the last days scenario over again and finally after several calls Andrea answered the phone. She stated that she had a potential carrier she was waiting to hear from by 12/15/10 and would get back to me on that day. Again, I waited for someone to give me an update. By 12/16/10 I had not heard from anyone connected to Prestige or a carrier/driver. I proceeded to play the same game again trying to contact Prestige Auto by phone and e-mail with no response again. On 12/17/10 after several calls, finally the phone was answered by Osvaldo. He informed me that if I was willing to pay more than the balance of $155 that Prestige would have better results in securing a carrier/driver by 12/27/10. I agreed to increase the balance by $45. The new amount due on delivery would now be $200. The 27th came and went with no communication from Prestige or a carrier/driver.
On 12/28/10 I decided this was enough. I have been more than patient with Prestige to honor their agreement. According to Prestige Auto's “Terms and Conditions, Payment Section” it states, “Should Prestige Auto become unable to locate a carrier within 15 days of the contracted pickup window, your deposit will be refunded in full upon request. “ I contacted Prestige on 12/28 to exercise my right requesting a refund of my $195 deposit. The gentlemen said someone would call me back January 3 that no one for Prestige was available due to the holidays.
On 1/3/2011 I called Prestige several times leaving voice mail and sending email. And received- no response. Tried again on 1/4/2011 and after several attempts of calling Osvaldo answered the phone. He said that I did not have to keep calling the company and I said if someone was to answer the phones or return my messages I wouldn't be calling all the time. Osvaldo stated to me that he would have the head of the company contact me about my refund. When I asked him who and where the head of the company was the phone went dead. He either hung up on me or we got disconnected. I called right back and this time Andrea Howell answered the phone. I inquired about getting a refund, she asked me to hold. After being on hold for about 30 minutes or more the phone went dead again. When I tried to call again all their phone went directly to an answering machine. Guess they have caller ID and are not answering any of my calls. So now I am left with sending this letter, requesting a full refund of the $195 deposit in writing from Prestige for failure to secure a carrier and not honoring their agreement.

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