Prestige Auto Shippers, LLC / Intent to Defraud Consumers

1 1001 N. Fillmore Street, Arlington, VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 703-652-7830

On 01/04/2010 contracted with Osvaldo of Prestige Auto Shippers, LLC (MC#710259) to ship a 2010 Kia Soul from Murray Utah to Bloomfield Hills Michigan. The contract amount was for $525.00. and they required a deposit of 195.00 to be processed via a bank draft. This left a balance due upon delivery of $330.00, to be paid in cash or cashiers check.

Osvaldo pursued this contract by low balling the quote, calling numerous times to secure the deal and assuring me that the larger carriers were putting negative information out about him because they were not able to compete.

The contract stated that the vehicle would be picked up for delivery on or before January 17, 2011. On January 10, 2011 I tried to contact Prestige and all their numbers went to voicemail. On January 11, I tried again and left a voicemail. I also followed up with an email. He did return my call and seemed upset that I was calling him so quick about the delivery and stated that he had 7 days from the contracted date to secure a carrier. I continued to leave voicemail messages and send emails through January 13, 2011. I received an email from him stating that he was expecting to have a carrier by the end of the week.

On January 14, 2011 at 11:06 am, Osvaldo called me to state that he had secured a carrier for Saturday January 15, 2011. That I would have to agree to pay $530.00 upon delivery, if I wanted to get this carrier. I said absolutely not. He stated well then we will schedule a carrier some time in February. I stated that that was unacceptable and I wanted to get a refund of my deposit and cancel the contract.

Osvaldo told me that he would cancel contract, but my deposit was non-refundable and have a nice day. He then ended the call by hanging up telephone.

I immediately tried to call back and the phone went to voicemail. I followed up with an email stated that the contract states that if the company could not secure a carrier within 15 days of the date of contract the deposit would be refunded. I told him to continue to search for a carrier until January 19, 2011 and if he was unsuccessful, I expected a full refund of my deposit.

I did not receive a reply to my email. However, I did call Osvaldo back one last time at 4:49 pm on January 14, 2010 and he answered the phone. I asked him if he received my email and he said no. I explained what was in the email. He stated that he did not intend to waste anymore time looking for another carrier. The carrier who required $530.00 was the going rate and otherwise the contract was cancelled and my deposit was non-refundable.

Prestige Auto is intentionally low balling their quote(s) in hopes of getting the consumer to enter into an agreement, paying a deposit, then escalating the transport cost at delivery, and defrauding the consumer out of their deposit, if not agreeable to the higher transport cost.


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