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Pressler And Pressler / Got Sued By Pressler And Pressler And They Gave False Information

1 Toms River, NJ, United States

I was sued in August of 2013, by Pressler And Pressler for a credit card company. I never went to the court and yes I did want to go, but my father kept insisting that I didn't have to because of the fact that I am considered judgement proof under law, I still did want to go but I can not drive. Anyways they put a jugdement against me and I did call them to set up a payment plan so I can get this off my credit report, I told them the least I can afford is 20 dollars a months and there receptionist argued with me claiming to make at least 100. I told her I couldn't do that I am on Disability and don't receive much, she said my information was false that I had a job with a company called Global Artist. I did not even know what she was talking about, I never worked before in my life and never heard of Global Artist. I kept telling her that is false information and where is proof I worked for this company, she said that is what they was told. By who? My credit card even knew I had no job. I called Transunion, Equifax, and Experian and they all said no job was ever reported. It seems like they made up a phony business just to sue me. Now after fighting with them for a month trying to put it in their thick skulls that I never worked, they want a copy of my disability paper and I do not feel safe sending just anyone my information. Due to the fact that they sued me with false information is there any way I can get this judgement wiped away? This is first time I been sued and the only thing on my credit report.

Dec 19, 2013

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