Prescription Advocacynot receiving medicines paid for

I am thinking this company is a SCAM! My doctor gave me their number to call saying they would help me with my diabetes medicine since I had no prescription coverage and was on Social Security. I called, and a man named Mike sent me my application and a list of all the forms I needed to send to them. I signed all forms, got my Dr. to sign his form and mailed them back to them. On Dec. 11, they took $50.00 processing and $35.00 fee out of my checking account and was to send my medicine to my doctor's office for me to pick up. They took out $35 more on Jan.14 and $35 more on Feb. 17, but no medicine. I called on Feb. 4th after I had received in the mail that day another form stating I had to sent a paper stating how much I had paid for prescriptions out of my pocket. I got the paper and told them I had NO prescription coverage and had not had all my scripts filled because of no money. They said they misunderstood about my supplemental insurance and to mail the copies back. I mailed them that day. They were to call me when they received them and were trying to go ahead and process my medicine being sent. No phone call, so I called on Feb. 10, and they said they hadn't received the paperwork and it should be there by Feb. 13, and they would call me Friday 13th and she made herself a note to call me at 10AM that day. Again no call. I called today, and they still had not received the paperwork. They could not process until they received original signed papers which they sent to me. They did not send copies, THEY SENT ORIGINALS. They said they should receive them back by this Friday (20th), and I was to call them to check on it. When they get the papers, they will notify the company to send my medicine, My time of receiving will start when the Medicine company receives notice. That means I have paid for 3 months for nothing. I have a problem with that. The reason for getting them in the first place was to save on money I did not have, and now I have paid 3 months (plus the processing fee of $50) for nothing. I think this company should be investigated. They admitted sending my papers back was THEIR mistake, so why do I have to pay for their mistake. Thoroughly teed off.
Jerrie Ray

Feb 17, 2015

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