PrepLogicstolen money

My name is Adi and I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have a problem with Preplogic company and ask you for help.
A bit more than 30 days I came in contact with preplogic company because I was interested in their offer "Unlimited offer". When I heard of their employees is the amount, I wanted to give up because I really do not have 3.000 $. In the end I was persuaded to take a test period of 30 days from $ 99. During these 30 days I sent a mail to their employees (Donnie) where I said that I want to cancel their bid because I have no money.
On Thursday, 09/09 I received information that their company took all the money from my debit card and their staff called me on the phone and say that I have to pay. I was really sorry that I can not to pay and to continue with their offer because I would like to advance in my career and increase my knowledge with their materials. Now I have no money to pay credit bills or for college.
Please help me to back my money!

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