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PrepLogic / Misleading advertising

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Refusal to honor a cancellation within 24 hours of placing an order and before the product was shipped after reading the contract was different that what I was told.
I was at the Prepogic web site, I hit the "Talk to advisor(or something like that) and was chatting with a person from Preplogic. He asked if he could call me to get this going faster since I had lots of questions. He called and he told me about the $99 program to try out their different courses for $99. The next day I signed up via their web site and the contract came back saying 6 payments of $189. So at that point I contacted Preplogic via their web question area, they said I could not cancel and get my $99 even though I was contacting them within 24 hours of the order(really it was less than 2 hours) and when I finally talked to a sales person Donnie I told him to cancel my order and he said okay but since I paid for it I might as well look at the info they have since I was already charged the $99 and that cannot be refunded. I checked out the info and then went on vacation and when I returned Preplogic had charged me $189. I called and they said I never cancelled. Lots of posted messages were posted on their question web site but they continued to REFUSE to refund my $189 but said they could reduce and change things. I said I wanted my $189 back because I cancelled with Donnie within the 1st 7 days and they said they had to record of the cancellation. I filled out a complaint with the BBB and sent a note to the President of Preplogic and am waiting to hear back from each. I have also called my Credit Card company and disputed this $189 charge. I told that to Preplogic and it seemed to upset them a bit and they advised me that they go for FULL charge $1600 if an order is disputed. So I am waiting to see what the President says. I am hoping he comes back and refunds the $189 as they should. I cancelled it within 24 hours and Preplogic just would not accept my cancel request. I have bought training from them in the past and was quite happy with the Quality of their product. It is a shame they have tainted my relationship with them

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  • Pr
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    Hi Jim,

    Our company has served the IT community for over a decade. We take great pride in providing superior quality training and exceptional customer service.

    In this difficult job market (un-employment nearing 10%), learning new skills and having a more impressive resume may make the difference between having a job or not. Keeping up on new technologies will make you a better job candidate and give you a better chance of landing the job you deserve. However, money is tight and PrepLogic recognizes that it's even more important in these difficult times to make wise investments. That means making the right decision when it comes to training too!

    This is why PrepLogic has made it possible to try our Unlimited Access program for 30 days for only $99. If it doesn't meet you needs, simply cancel within 30 days and pay nothing more (Imagine 30 days of training for just $3 per day). If you like the program - and we think that you will, do nothing and you would automatically be setup on a convenient payment plan for the remainder of the balance. We think this 30 day trial period is important for customers to decide on their own whether they agree that our training will help them meet their career goals.

    We pride ourselves on our exceptional service. If you feel that we made a mistake handling your account, I encourage you to contact our customer service team at It sounds like it comes down to a simple misunderstanding. And, I assure you they are eager to give you the customer service experience and the quality of training you have grown to appreciate from our company in the past.

    Again, visit us at and give us the opportunity to make you happy.

  • Pr
      16th of Sep, 2009
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    Hi Jim. I believe you contacted our support team as we suggested and got your issue resolved. I trust you were satisfied with our service. If we can assist you again in the future, please feel free to visit us at

  • De
      23rd of Jan, 2010
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    Please beware of preplogic unlimited access.
    I am also a recent victim of
    My experience with preplogic is so bad, they are threatened me with a bad credit rating.
    I m ready for war with Preplogic.

  • Ef
      5th of Mar, 2010
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    Misleading advertising, unethical business practices, extremely poor customer service...STAY AWAY from this company

  • Pa
      11th of Mar, 2010
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    I can confirm that Preplogic sux!

    I was enticed into the unlimited package and was stung bigtime when I failed to cancel my trial period (btw they don't even tell you how to cancel - it turns out you need to "Log a ticket")

    They are corrupt blood suckers that rely on dodgy tactics to get your money. They got $700 off me until I cancelled my credit card.

    I love it when they call me to say they I have an outstanding bill. Do you think I could even talk to a person when i needed advice or support?

    Ha ha - pathetic. You wont be getting another cent out of me Preplogic.


  • Kk
      26th of Mar, 2010
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    "Donnie" did the same crap to me. I called and they said that they would credit my account. I also disputed it with my credit card company just to make sure. Preplogic has now sent me to collections almost a year later. Preplogic is a terrible comapany to do business with STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

  • Pi
      2nd of Apr, 2010
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  • Bu
      8th of Apr, 2010
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    PrepLogic don’t you think there is something wrong with the way your company handles your salescustomer service departments? All these people cannot be wrong at the same time. I please suggest revise the way your salescustomer service departments operate and apply their policy here is USA.

  • Ba
      18th of Apr, 2010
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    Wow. you won't believe this but I ordered Prep logic 3 downloads of net + and A+ and a Cisco download for $140 just to check it out. The training sucked so I just decided to just take my losses and leave it at that. I had some sleazy sales rep keep bugging me about buying into a 30 day trial period or something. I thought it sounded good but told him that I wanted to wait until I got paid to make my decision. I waited until payday and got a call from the rep and ignored it. I ignored all the other 3 or 4 calls I got. Suddenly today I got a bill for $2, 204 for Networking Unlimited Access (2 yr | 1 per | 3 swap), which I never ordered. Some kind of a mistake was made and I'm calling them tomorrow.

  • At
      21st of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I dealt with Donny also. "$99 for the whole library". Then I was stuck with $2300 in a one time payment. Now they are refusing to cancel my account. I kept telling donny that I could not afford very much. This is how Prelogic draws you and then bilks you out of your hard earned money. I dont make a lot of money and I cant afford their over priced products. All I want is for them to cancel my account and give the money they just took out of my account, which caused an over draft. Why? becuase I dont have $2300 dollars. And why would they take $1000 + $300 + $50 + $50 all in one day???
    I will be contactinig the BBB about there business practices and making a complaint. It is noce to see that I am not the only one they have done this too.

  • Bl
      7th of May, 2010
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    ProLogic Unlimited training programs are most certainly a scam. I recommend anyone looking for training applications to stay away from ProLogic products. And make sure you contact the Better Business Bureau to explain your current situation with the ProLogic Company. I think it's important to IT professionals know what applications and programs you can trust for training. And with so many other options out there and they're clear record of fraud that it's important that we sound the bells and the other IT professionals know about possible problems with this company. But with so many options out there why take the risk.

  • Da
      13th of May, 2010
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    To the preplogic reporesentative, I contacted or was contacted by your customer service personnel regarding a similar credit card scam as others here have experienced. Your staff was rude and threated to harass me daily until I paid the entire amount of 1200. I considered the product and service inferior, and cancelled within the 30 days using the ticket system but that cancallation was not honored. Customer service has not tried in good faith to resolove the issue. And that is after customer service also put in a cancellation ticket.

  • Di
      22nd of Jun, 2010
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    I totally agree with the complaints above. This is at best a dishonest and greedy company. They are out to swindel and steal your hard to earn monies. They DO NOT care about their customers and are only there to steal your money. The cancellation process is tricky and inconvenient. They don't respond to their so-call ticket system. They will draft the entire amount for the unlimit access from your bank account if you give them your debit/credit card without any warning. They do not have a cancellation policy they honor before or after the 30 day trial. By the way the 30 day trial is a way of luring in to a trap. Please stay away from this company. Do not purchase anything from them. If you do, use cash and cash only. It took 3 days to reach someone in customer service to try to get my funds back without success. I out taken for $2, 300.00 for a product I do not think that highly of. To pass the exams you will have to have any the source of information besides their products. This company has taught me a valuable lesson on how for this country's business practices has plummeted

  • Bl
      7th of Jul, 2010
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    Hi all,
    I filed complaints through the Better Business Bureau of Tampa Florida, and provided comprehensive evidence of the difficulty. After 1.5 months of correspondence, I finally was credited the $900 refund that I asked for. Mark Norris was kind enough to push this through. (If only I could be sure they made a procedural change, that would be awesome.)
    All I can say is that the experience was very painful and worrisome, and the BBB was the best option available.
    I am not sure how this pans out with the BBB, does it show as a positive outcome, complaint resolved, or just a complaint?
    So the damage control works, in that you can achieve a refund if you are diligent and proactive.
    For myself, I provided phone logs, and PDFs of all correspondence with Preplogic, as well as screenshots of chats. Do not use offensive words or imply more than you mean. Do provide all of the information in an even and forthright manner.
    By working through the BBB, I was able to reach a resolution to my satisfaction.

  • St
      15th of Sep, 2010
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    Same thing just happened to me. I was chatting online with Jordan about the training and he told me about the $99 30 day trial. After that I could pay $100 or $200 a month for the 3yr unlimited access package, which is a resonable rate. I did start the training, and the material and tests were what they were promised to be. I had to take a break from the training for several weeks due to family stuff. Last Saturday morning I look at my checking account and they had taken $2, 800 out of my business checking account by charging the debit card I gave them for the $99 30 day trial. That pretty much wiped me out for payroll and everthing else for the coming week. Pretty devastating. I can't dispute the charge with my bank like you can with a credit card company. Preplogic won't allow me to go on the payment plan at this point, they said they have a "company policy" about not giving refunds. Hopefully my post here and on EVERY other site that their clients have posted comments on will return the $2, 800 favor on their sales.

    I will be filing compaint with Tampa BBB today.

  • Ma
      11th of Feb, 2011
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    Rotten company. Somehow got my email and phone number. Now I get harassing calls from "Donnie" everyday. Tried opting out of their emails and they would not honor this. Just from this harassing practice I can tell they are rotten and dishonest. More importantly, speaking with other members of the IT industry I've found that their products are practically useless; you're better off getting certifications from a real accredited source and not these slimy scammers.

  • Bl
      12th of Feb, 2011
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    I am going to repeat what I said earlier: Document everything!
    All I can say is that the experience was very painful and worrisome, and the BBB was the best option available.
    I am not sure how this pans out with the BBB, does it show as a positive outcome, complaint resolved, or just a complaint? If you are feeling aggressive, you can file a complaint with numerous consumer protection agencies, but the BBB was my first and best choice.
    So the damage control works, in that you can achieve a refund if you are diligent and proactive.
    For myself, I provided phone logs, and PDFs of all correspondence with Preplogic, as well as screenshots of chats. Do not use offensive words or imply more than you mean. Do provide all of the information in an even and forthright manner.
    By working through the BBB, (and responding to legitimate e-mails from PrepLogic) I was able to reach a resolution to my satisfaction.
    By the way, it is illegal for any company to charge your debit/credit account without your consent. If you did not agree to the charge, then your bank has legal grounds to reverse the charge. If you signed or agreed to a charge agreement, this will be difficult to dispute. But it is not the end of the road, dispute with your bank, and argue your case. I just wish that Florida had better consumer protection laws, that would force PrepLogic to give up. Unfortunately, it is likely that they will move shop and rebrand under a different name.
    Good luck to you all!

  • He
      9th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Preplogic is currently under investigation by the Attorney General in Tampa. For EVERYONE out there that has been ripped off please call 813 287 7950 or 850 414 3990 and file a complaint against them. The more people that take a second and due this the better our chances at taken down this evil company who are flat out crooks.

  • Bl
      9th of Mar, 2011
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    I would like to see some verification of the office and phone numbers listed. I did a reverse lookup on both, and the first number lists several lawyers offices, and the second is the number for Tallahasee Attorney General's office. Is there a case number or reference number? Can you provide further information? It will be very difficult for a lot of people to prove their cases, unless there is actual evidence. I have my Better Business Bureau complaints and valid documentation from my experience with PrepLogic. I settled with them, and obtained a refund. But I still want to see them change their business practices. If the investigation goes forward, I would like to provide any help that I can.
    Ultimately, if you can provide further information that corroborates this investigation, I will be calling!

  • Do
      16th of Mar, 2011
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    Preplogic is bascially organized crime, we can all do our part to stop it and it better be stopped soon.

    For those who were illegally ripped off by Preplogic, you can go to to report the financial abuses. The same thing as the previous complaint report, the more victims report their crimes, the more likely and sooner preplogic will be halted by law for their current illegal activities. The less money you will lose from your bank account. It is a race against time, the sooner all the complaints are filed, the less money that will be missing from your bank.

    Spread this message out on blogs, put it on youtube, include it as part of your guides on ebay... spread it out virally.

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