Prepaid car wash tickets / Paid for and code expires 90 days later

1 13450 Victoria Trail, Edmonton, AB, Canada

GAS AND CAR WASH PAID @ BELMONT ESSO IN NORTH EDMONTON approx. JULY 2015..RECIEPT # THY15312 in the amount of $ 101.64 I'm a very busy man and am surprised that I'm just getting around to this now.I have purchased fuel and washes at this location and have found more than once the wash is under some sort of repairs.Now to add to this the attendant and the manager couldn't care now what should I do with a paid receipt and nothing in return.Do gift cards expire, I don't think so or is this location in the habit of just taking your money with NoServices Rendered...I sure would like a response.. Dale Perusini ... [protected]

Dec 21, 2015

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