Premium White Teeth Whitening Pen / $149.95 charge not authorized

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I placed an order on line for a trial sample of this product...Premium White 02 Teeth Whitening Pen and was charged .99. I received the product, but it remains unopened. Today I became aware of a charge on my card statement for $149.95 for a purchase I did not authorize. I was not made aware of any annual fee when I placed this order a month ago. I did not agree to any annual fee or to any additional products. Please contact me as soon as possible with refund information. My last four numbers on my card are 5056.

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  • Mo
      10th of Feb, 2010

    Similar experience. After 5 days and no product, I called to cancel and was given a "trial period extension" and I requested that I not be charged the membership fee of 149.95. I was told I would not be charged this until the extended trial period (2 more weeks) had expired. A few days after the request, I was charged 149.95 . I immediately called and cancelled and requested a refund. Was told I had to email and "request it" and so I immediatelydid. 2 weeks later, no reply about my refund request and nothing has been refunded!!

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  • Am
      7th of Jun, 2010

    The same thing happened to me. I signed up for a trial period online and received the product approximately 2 weeks later. I then noticed there was a charge on my credit card for $120. I called them about this and they told me I would have to return the product and they would refund me my money. So that is what I did I have still haven't got my money back. After calling them they are refusing to return my money because it was out of the trial period. I paid to have to product returned in 2 days but it takes 10-15 days for them to scan it in their warehouse. I know this because the girl on the phone told me so which really made me mad because she could have seen it was in the trial period just from back tracking the days. This company is a HUGE scam and can't wait for the day someone puts a lawsuit against them.

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