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Premium White / Stolen money AND product

1 22100 East 26 Avenue 100Aurora, CO, United States

So I looked into the product, and decided to try the trial out. Surprised when I didn't recieve ANYTHING from them, and yet a charge shows up on my credit card. So I phone them up that day and explained the problem.
At this point after a bit of frustrating conversation I convince them to refund my money for a product I didn't recieve. This is when they tell me that the day before (how convenient), they sent out another shipment of it and will be charging me for that. I say NO! But it's already sent out they say, but don't worry, just send it back and we'll refund your money.

The day I recieve it, I go to the post office and send it along with a tracking number. They now have my product AND my money.

Now they tell me that they recieved it 5 days too late to fit into their policy. They told me that they allowed for a 4 day grace period of lateness, but just can't do a 5 day grace. Their policy (?!?) doesn't allow for that.

Then I'm told that not only will I not get a refund, but they won't give me my product back either!!!

Does this not classify as theft?? How can a company like this operate without getting shut down?!?

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