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Premium Relocation / Fraud and scam

1 United States
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It Started in December when I was looking for a moving company to move mine and my husbands possessions to Camp Pendleton where my husband is based. My husband left the moving up to me because previous to January he was in Okinawa Japan for six months and could not make the arrangements so I did so. I was nine months pregnant trying to find a moving company which is really stressful. My Family had told me to watch out because they had seen some previous problems with moving company taking money and furniture and demanding another thousand to get your furniture back.

I called premium Relocation in the middle of January 2007 I just had my baby a week prior to making theses arrangements which doing so with a newborn is hard as it is. I called and they gave me my estiment so I called my husband which lived out of state is said ok sounds good we have the money. I called and talked to Barbra B and she told me I needed not to worry because they wont rip me off and they will move my items. She described that there company was people who work with you one on one the whole move and find a moving company for you they were not a direct moving company.

It started when I told them my pick up date would be between February 4th which I timed would be a week before my plane would leave to move to California. So they said they couldn't always give the date you wanted but the day after would be the latest. So I told her ok I wanted the 4th or 5th of February 2007.

She emailed me a form that my husband had to sign and give his debit information which he had to go out of his way after working a 13 hour day to find a fax machine to send Barbra the information. She told us a day to send it that way our day could be reserved to have our items picked up. So we made that date she received my husbands information and they had be given their deposit of 550.00. Barbra told me that the carrier would call me the day before pickup.

February 2nd came I called them because the carrier never had gotten a hold of me. Barbra had told me that she would call the carrier and get right back with me. I had to call her back because she just seemed way to busy to get back with me I had gotten an answering machine about 75% of the time. I would just call back until I would get her. She told me that the truck had been stuck in a snow storm in Chicago.

So I believed her because we where having some bad weather in Ohio which was where I was moving from. She told me the carrier would be there February the 6th they never came by this point I was so stressed out because my items had to be out of my house by February the 10th when I left for California.

By then my Family go involved because I was so upset I did nothing but cry when they kept giving me the run around. My grandma had given Barbra a call and asked for a refund. She agreed she told me I would just have to send an email stating I didn't want to use there moving company anymore. I myself had given Barbra a call and she told me the carrier just called her and they would be there February Thursday the 8th two days before my plane left for California. She said if I wouldn't cancel they would be there the next day.

So I said yes because I was busy with my newborn and packing our suitcase that we would have to live out of for two weeks before our stuff go to us. Well Thursday the 8th of February 2007 rolled around they never showed up so this is when my mother go into it. My mom had called and they were telling us that the truck had brokedown and giving us the Run around from hell. I was sitting on the couch crying the day before all of my stuff had to leave my residence. They couldn't give me any answer but that the contract said that the dates are not always set in stone. But they told me I would get the day I wanted or the day after. They were lieing to me the whole time just to rip me off.

So I called the Friday 8th and they told me no I couldn't get a refund and I explained to them they knew the date I was moving and the day my items had to be out of my residence. They didn't care I cried to them on the phone and just came out and asked so you guys are just con artists and they had no response but miss you broke your contract. No I didn't they told me my stuff would be picked up and it never was. I was devastated her I am just had a baby crying for two days straight wondering what I am going to do in California with a empty house with none of my babies things.

Premium Relocation had explained I would not recieve a refund i just gave up and called a different moving company. I had called a Mayflower/ United Moving company and they picked my stuff up the same day I had called I felt stupid that I had let my husband down and that I let them give me a run around for a week and it was as easy as it was to call the other moving company. Barbra lied to me and there was only two people that was there everytime I called and they also said that their customer service was on the east coast while some how the company was clear in Las Vegas.

I want my money back. I don't understand how my husband is going overseas to put his life on the line for people like Barbra who stole his hard earned money. People like that don't have a heart and obviously don't know the right way to earn money beside riping off people like me and my husband that just had just enough money to get started off on. I want to Give them what they need. I will go in with anyone who wants to Sue I cried to many times for them to steal my 550.00.

Thanks for reading and what ever you do do not use PREMIUM RELOCATION THEY ARE CONARTISTS!


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