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I dont even know where to begin with and their lack of professionalism. Used for the friends and family package for the Ryder Cup trip to Wales. From the start they lost one of our bags on the flight which was checked at the gate for over a day. They screwed this up royally and were extremely rude in the way they handled it. For me personally, they gave me the wrong passes to Ryder Cup, which didnt include entry to the International Pavilion which I paid for, but instead of rectifying the situation they elected to argue about it and try to prove that I didnt pay the $500 for the passes. I had to spend a large portion of the time in the cold rain outside while my entire group was inside the International Pavilion causing inconvenience to all of us.

Finally after I returned from the trip they responded to my email complaint without an ounce of remorse for the hell they put me through from their lack of organization and customer service.

Instead they championed themselves for arranging a one day (out of 4) access to the International Pavilion and then bashed me for telling them I had eventually found a way to get into the International Pavilion without using the credentials. They claimed this was a breach of service by sneaking in and that I was subject to being revoked entry to the Ryder Cup completely after that. Can you believe the nerve of these people, screw up my passes, leave me in the rain for 4 days while 20 of my friends are inside the VIP area of the Ryder Cup, then bash me for sneaking in because they screwed up and gave me the wrong passes.

After this they even said that I was no longer welcome as a customer. What kind of crap is that? They screw up, give me a discount because they legally have to, then get mad at me for complaining. They actually had the nerve to say in regards to the friends and family package...and I am quoting Jim Ward who is the president of premier golf in an email "I'm not sure how you were offered this, since it would appear you are neither friend or family."

Can you believe this crap? All I have to say is is one of the poorest run operations around with the absolute worst customer service on the planet. Bashing your customers even after they prove your wrong and then offensively engaging them after is simply unacceptable. The PGA made a huge mistake hiring these jokers at and I hope they learned their lesson. And by the way, that crap hotel they put us up at was a joke. This was a cheapo econolodge in Europe called the Future Inn. They didnt even have a minibar in the room thats how cheap it was. Several of the locals told us it was primarily used for prostitution.

This is how Premier Golf treats friends and family, putting them up at a crap hotel for huge prices. I had to pay over $2000 for 8 days at the equivalent of a $39 a night econolodge near a strip mall?

All in all was a terrible choice by the PGA to host a Ryder Cup friends and family package. I heard complaints from just about everyone that attended. Their staff was rude, the packages were garbage, and the customer service was non existent. You would just assume that people would take pride in their work, but apparently they Premier doesnt.

I dont intend to use Premier ever again, and I hope the PGA doesnt use them for anymore events because they clearly dont know what they are doing at this time. I would have expected a better choice from the PGA, they shouldnt be working with these people in the opinion of myself and several others I spoke to while at the event. How could the PGA possibly hire with treatment like that of their customers coming directly from the president of the organization.

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