Premier Marble and Granite / shoddy work,does not pay employees or taxes

1 1497w 40s, Lindon, UT, United States

DO NOT HIRE OR WORK FOR THIS COMPANY! It is amazing this company still exists.When I left last summer I had gone almost 2 months with no pay check. I spoke to an employee, who was fired by this company, he was told during his firing that because he asked another employee if they were getting paid or not.he was in violation of a contract that does not exist.this employee had told the owner he was going to file a claim with the labor department. He tells his employees he has no money until he gets paid by the customer, when infact he gets paid in full before he even sends his minions to work. they may have lower prices in granite, but that is because the employees are not getting paid. Do you want a company installing countertops that can not even tell his employees the truth. more important, do you want an employee of this company in your home, who doesnt care about installing things correctly BeCAUSE they are working for free. The owner gets some of his business through his mormon church.Dont they believe in being honest with their fellow man?

Mar 14, 2013

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