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Premier Football International Pte Ltd / Horrendous customer service

1 Singapore Review updated:

I am writing in to complain about the horrendous treatment I received from the staff attending to me at this shop, Premier Football International Pte. Ltd., a small shop selling replica football jerseys and football-related merchandise on the First Floor of Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road, Singapore.

My friend and I were intrigued by the appearance of this store since it was selling football jerseys at a low price, far beyond that of normal places. As we were browsing, we noticed that the football jerseys being sold were relatively new kits, used by popular teams such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Brazil, etc. However, we were a bit suspicious as to the authenticity of those jerseys, since the shop was located in Lucky Plaza, a place which is notorious for selling imitation goods and for shops which would cheat customers. Before I entered, I noticed a big group of Indonesian students on a school trip leaving the shop angrily. Unperturbed, I entered the shop and unfolded a Brazil jersey for closer inspection. A salesman then came to us. Instead of uttering the usual "May I help you?", he seemed unhappy that we had unfolded the jerseys and asked us what we wanted in a condescending manner.

Unnerved by his attitude, I asked him whether we could trust the authenticity of the jerseys. He rudely told me to look around my surroundings, and to contemplate whether a shop in Orchard Road would sell fake jerseys. To an untrained eye such as myself, it would be difficult to spot the authenticity of the jerseys as I have seen fake jerseys with quality as good as that of original jerseys. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I asked him the reason for the low prices of the jerseys if they were original.

It was then that I was offended by his patronizing ways. He asked me to go home to read up on my football history as those jerseys were used by losing teams. He used the term "losers", which to me was rather shocking when jerseys of teams with illustrious footballing histories such as Liverpool and Brazil were in the particular tray he was pointing at. I kept my cool as he pointed out the more expensive jerseys on the spot of teams which were more "successful" in the current climate. Noticing he pointed to a current Spain jersey, I pointed out the Spanish national football team's notorious reputation for being "chokers" in major competitions. He then insolently and arrogantly declared that they would deserve a right to mark up the prices as Euro 2008 has not yet arrived, and that if I were to come back after Euro 2008, the Spain jerseys which they sold would have been sold out!

His next action was equally demeaning and insulting. He then walked back in a very cocky manner, back to his colleague before laughing and sneering at us. Being utterly humiliated and embarrassed, my friend and I walked away angrily.

I am an avid football fan. I have owned many jerseys in my life and I also follow footballing history with a passion. I can claim to have been a supporter of current teams without being a fair-weather fan. Instead of being a fan who follows one club or team fanatically, I support various teams out of the true passion I hold for the beautiful game.

I strongly advise anyone against buying goods from these store. The customer might not always be right, but neither does the shopkeeper deserve the right to belittle or humiliate potential customers. My friend and I were genuinely interested in buying jerseys from that shop before we were insulted in such a terrible manner. However, due to the actions of their staff, this would be the last time I visit that store. If they want to continuously chase customers out of the store such as those students and my friend and I, they do not deserve a right to peddle their goods, whether they're fake or original.

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  • Je
      8th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Why you like that de? i'm trying to let you see the facts that you're wrong... why delete the comment which i put up? what are you afraid of? It's nothing wrong that ppl put up comment replying to your blog... since you feel that you're not in the wrong you shld voice up to me? Why delete it off? you feel gulity izt? Why are you so unprofessional? I dun feel anything wrong with my comments cuz i'm stating the facts... if you really feel that you're not in the wrong there's no pint in deleting my comments... cuz i'll let the world know abt what kind of man are you? You yourself are gulity but you're pushing the blame to the shop when they did nothing wrong... so that means that you're not creditable in your words... you're confirm lying with your eyes open.

  • Li
      29th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Jennifer must be the owner or a close friend or possibly the "attitude" person that served Kenneth at this Premier Football International Pte Ltd. I have just googled this company, apparently they have a website I believe only mistreated customers would spend effort to write such compaints and only the owner will stood for them.

    I certainly will not buy from this shop. Why to be worry if they are selling original products?

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