Premier Fitness- Milton / Closed and still billing me

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They closed our Premier Fitness in Milton. It was not bought out by another company. The day before they closed, I went to them and they told me that they would no longer be charging my card bi monthly. A month later, another company- Fitness management started charging it. I told AMEX what was happening, so they blocked payments to Fitness Management. Now Premier Fitness has sent a collection agency after me. The collection agency said I violated my contract. Actually, by closing, they have violated their part of the contract by not providing me with the services that they promised.

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  • Sa
      4th of May, 2012

    I am in a similar situation. After finding out that premiere fitness would be closing there doors, members went in to fill out cancellation papers. We were told that those papers would be sent to head office and that we would no longer be billed for service. Today i was sent a notice stating that I had been sent to collections. i was told that i could settle for 50% of my balance. What a joke ... I like how these ppl think that they can bully innocent ppl. I will not be paying a penny and will not be bullied by a company that did not fulfil there part of the contract. I hope a class action law suit happens. Innocent ppl are being effected by this.

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  • Ja
      7th of May, 2012

    Dear Facts: Being in the States, you may not know that the Premier Fitness CHAIN has closed. My contract says that in exchange for me paying them a total of $41.81 bi monthly, I get to use their machines, exercise studio, pool, and boxing studio. They are no longer giving me what they promised me, and I am still having to pay them.

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  • Pi
      9th of May, 2012

    When we were locked out of our Premier a manager stood outside and directed members to a different no name gym at the other end of the city. Members were advised through the manager and information in the local paper that they could cancel their Premier membership and the 30 day cancelletion fee would be waived. So I cancelled my membership via letter and email (thankfully I kept proof). And then placed a stop payment on the automatic bank withdrawals as Premier continued to withdraw money bi weekly though they were no longer providing services. And surprise surprise I to received a notification that my account had been sent to collections. (And no I never carried any type of outstanding balance ever). This company is extremely rude, and get this, they are making accusations that I defaulted on my contract. Excuse me but like Jane said in exchange for my paying Premier I am suppose to get to use their exercise facilities and equipment at the specified location. Last time I checked I could not access the facilities. This is a breach of contract by Premier!!!

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  • Ms
      9th of Jan, 2013

    Is there any update to any of these stories? I have discovered recently they have been CHARGING ME FOR YEARS (its an account I don't verify transactions on very often... much to my mistake clearly)

    Please help me!!! I put a stop payment this morning - but am worried this was not enough?


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